Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you from our little sweethearts!
We laid low today at home, enjoying a day with nothing to do (my favorite kind of days!).

Ellery - Love those teeth!
Quin - She looks so old in this picture :(
Gianna - Four teeth, So cute!
Easton - So many word bubbles that could be added for this one :)
'What? Am I supposed to care about this made up holiday?!?!'
If you can't tell, Easton's shirt says 'the ladies love me'. I had to have this shirt for Easton! I often call Ellery, Gianna and Quin our gorgeous girls or our lovely ladies. Plus, all three girls LOVE Easton. I had to laugh though, I could not get a picture of the girls looking happy when Easton was in the picture - must be bitter about my shirt selection. Or, maybe it was his apparent feelings about Valentine's Day. HA!
Loved this impromptu game of Patty Cake between Quin and Gianna.
We gave Quin a little basket with a book, window clings and sunglasses. She thought she was so cool in her new glasses, and couldn't stop touching/moving/counting the window clings.
We hope you had a wonderful day full of love, joy and happiness!

Quinnie's Leeetle Snowman

When Jason and I took the babies for their Dr. appointment a little over a week ago, Quin was able to spend some one on one time with our nanny. They spent quite a bit of time outside playing in the snow, making angels and building a "leeetle" snowman (Quin talks about it in a hushed voice while showing little with her fingers). The snow wasn't packing well, so they settled on a small snowman without a head. It was pretty sad looking!
Last week we were hit with a snowstorm (Snow Day - Yay!). Quin was so excited to spend time outside again. The snow was great for packing, so she and Jason finished off the petite snowman. Quin was so excited to show it to me and wanted pictures :) Her mittens were soaked, so she had taken them off. She wanted to give her snowman a hug before going inside, but quickly realized that cold, bare hands and snow don't mix. :)
Her little snowman greets us by the door as we come in, and makes me smile every time I see it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Year Check Ups

Quick - this is the best picture that we were able to capture with all four kids! Now that three out of four are mobile, we can't get them to sit for the life of us!
Last Friday, we took the babies in for their one year check ups. What a difference a year makes! When you think a year ago they were at 2.10, 2.12 and 3.1 you realize a lot can change in a year!
Here are their latest stats. The percentage behind each number is based upon their actual age, not their adjusted:

Ellery - 19 pounds 4.5 ounces (25%), 28 3/4 inches long (25%)
Gianna - 19 pounds 5.5 ounces (25%), 27 3/4 inches long (10%)
Easton - 18 pounds 4.5 ounces (3%), 27 inches long (3%)

Yay for Easton - he is finally on the charts! I will take 3% :)
They each gained right around 2 1/3 pounds, give or take an ounce, since their 9 month appointments. The doctor was happy with both their weight and length gains. Jason and I were both surprised that Gianna was only an ounce heavier than Ellery. She feels so much heavier, a little more dense I guess. Shhhh - we won't tell her :)

Can you tell who is still sitting? Ms. Gianna! I have some of the cutest pictures of her right now. She is slowly becoming more motivated to crawl, and has been caught rocking on all fours over the past few days.
Easton and Ellery are both loving the fact that they can go, go, go! They have both figured out how to pull themselves up and balance on their knees. They are funny to watch. They will sit in the middle of the room looking around, spot something they want and take off crawling. (Gianna has actually pulled herself up from a sitting position to her knees, just a few times).

Whale Spouts

Ellery and Gianna's hair is at that horrible in between stage. It doesn't help that they both have beautiful long eye lashes that hit the edge of their bangs - stinks to be them, right?!?! It doesn't seem to bother Ellery nearly as much as Gianna. Gianna blinks or shakes her head to try and get it out of her eyes.
In an attempt to help them, Jason pulled both of their bangs up into whale spouts after baths. They were quite comical! I don't think we will stick with the whale spouts yet, but they sure looked cute while we tried :)
I have to throw this picture in - not great picture quality, but shows how life at our house is right now! After their morning naps, the babies were ready to play (notice the CrAzY hair on the girls - post whale spouts?). It is so much fun to watch the three interact with each other. Now that they are mobile, they can explore/push/pull on each other. Some days they just laugh and laugh at each other. Other days, they scream as soon as another baby gets near. I can't imagine how this love/hate relationship will grow!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Triplet's Parrrr-tay (Part #2)

I couldn't have been more pleased (and surprised) at how well Ellery, Gianna and Easton did during their party. It lasted much longer than most one year olds could handle, and they did really well for the most part!
We started off by eating lunch, followed by the 'cupcake smoosh'. The babies really had no idea what to do :) Gianna and Easton have no desire to feed themselves food in general, let alone squishy white stuff. Ellery is obsessed with puffs, but doesn't venture much past that. There weren't tears, so I was happy!
All three babes were very tentative, but did attempt to touch the cupcakes - with a little encouragement from Quin (and the rest of the crowd). Overall, they were not successful in making a mess or eating the cupcakes, but I won't complain about either!
Ellery was the one who ended up with frosting near her mouth. The look on her face said, 'what in the world is this super sweet gunk on my face'.
Gianna managed to flip her cupcake. She looked at us as if to ask, 'well, do you want me to do with it now?!'
Easton was short on patience - he got a handful and held it up for awhile to show that he had in fact touched the cupcake. When we didn't take it away, he barely touched it with his right hand as well.
While the rest of us had dessert, the babies actually took a short nap - what a blessing to help make our day go smoothly. When they woke up it was time for presents. Our friends and family were so generous to the babies! Doesn't the look on Ellery's face tell you that she agrees :) Can't you just read her mind? "Wow!"
In one year old fashion, they didn't really care about the presents - it was about the wrapping paper and bows. They made it look like they opened the presents as a team. Gianna seemed to grab all of the cards and their envelopes.
While, Easton and Ellery took care of unwrapping the presents.
Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts!
We were blessed by a houseful of friends and family!
My sister's son, Lincoln, was such a good sport. The triplet's spent a lot of time on the floor with him. He is growing so fast, and is so stinkin' cute!
My wonderfully supportive friend Meagon and her family were also able to make the party (Meagon is also Gianna's Godmother). Her daughter Ainsley did such a great job keeping Gianna entertained and happy!
Allyson (Jason's brother, Jeff's, daughter) was a great help at the party also! She was wonderful at keeping Quin happy and helping with the babies. Ellery loved sitting on her lap!

Thanks again to everyone who came and helped make our day so special! Thank you also to everyone who emailed birthday wishes to the babies. We are surrounded by amazing people - thank you!