Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Morning (December)

The kids were so excited for Santa!  They chose the perfect cookies, made sure he had eggnog and made a large picture/letter for him!
Quin made some Reindeer Food at her party and combined it with a baggie from my class party - the more food, the more likely Santa would find us was her assumption.
She braved the cold and scattered the food along the front walkway.
With all of the excitement from the night before, I was surprised when our kids slept until {close to} their normal times!  And, once they woke up, they were very calm (or still half asleep).  I was slightly shocked!
On their own terms, they started with their stockings (although, that is what I would have had them do anyways... so, it was a good choice kiddos!)
They picked up steam as they went and quickly moved on to the wrapped presents.
They had several joint presents, so they had to work together to unwrap them.
The next series of pictures made me laugh!  
Quin snuck up from behind and started throwing wrapping paper on them.  I haven't checked on the video camera, but I am really hoping Jason caught it on tape!  Their laughter was the sweetest present ever!

If only I could get them all to smile at once!
The girls were happy to show off their new dress up clothes
We enjoyed a yummy baked french toast breakfast!
{Isn't the wall behind Elle lovely?!?!  Just one of our many home projects right now - ugh!}
Ellery got a 'chef' outfit from Santa and she was so excited to wear it while she helped me plate all of our goodies to bring to my parents house later that afternoon.  

Aquino Christmas (December)

After spending Christmas morning home, we went over to my parent's house to spend the rest of the day with them!

Our children were again spoiled! (Another huge thank you!!!)

But, the best part of being together is spending time with our family!!!

My Uncle John joined my brother Nate in the kid wrestling matches this year :)
I LOVE these kids!

Hello 2013!

We packed our crew up on New Year's Eve and headed to my sister's house (she lives about an hour and forty five minutes away).

My kids love going there to play with Lincoln's toys.  Plus, he had new toys from Christmas!  They were in heaven.
Awe... when did Isadora get so big :(

We ate a ton of food, and we laughed a ton too!
The kids played Dance Party on the Wii - what a riot!
Isa even joined in the fun!
 The best was that we stayed over night... in a hotel... with a...

It was the first year since Quin was born that we have not woken up at home on for New Years Day, so we were unable to complete our New Year Traditions of gift giving.  
Never fear though, we did wish the kiddos a great new year... just a few mornings late!

Something practical... 
And, something fun...
Gianna is loving the show Max and Ruby (yuck!) right now.  So her fun gift was a small Ruby, and Easton was given the matching Max.
Ellery got a fairy tale game/puzzle and a rhyming puzzle game.
Quin was given the make up kit that she so badly wanted to Christmas (and didn't get).
We wish all of our family, friends and readers a blessed New Year!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sizemore Christmas (December)

We celebrated Christmas with Jason's side of the family about a week and a half early.  Jason's brother Mike and his wife Christy were nice enough to have all of us over!

Our kids always love seeing their cousins, aunts and uncles and Grandma Barb!

The kids were spoiled - a huge thank you!

Jason's mom made all six of the grandkids these neat quilts - they have a beach towel on one side, and a flannel quilt on the opposite side.  They are so warm and cozy!
I was on a search for finding a fun way to give cash to our nieces and Pinterest led me to this site.  The money trees were fun to make and I loved the way they turned out!

A huge thank you to Mike and Christy for having us over!  The six of us had a great time, and loved seeing everyone!  

Santa 2012 (December)

We went to Home and Company this year for our Santa visits.  
I was surprised at how well all four of the kids interacted with Santa!
All three girls went right up to him, while Easton looked on.  (I was down right shocked that Gianna went right up to him)
Easton stood long enough for a quick picture.
Santa then spoke with each of the kiddos on their own.  
Ellery was by far the most comfy with him.  She gave him a big 'ol hug, and held his hands while she talked to him.  She was so cute!
I was so proud of Gianna!
Easton even warmed up long enough to talk to Santa!
They loved the candy canes that Santa gave them as we left!

We headed to Wild Chef for our traditional 'after Santa visit' lunch!  I forgot to bring my camera in, but it was an amazing lunch - as always!

{Tree}mendous Patience (December)

I was so excited to go out as a family, search for the perfect tree, cut it down and bring it home!

Easton brought his muscles, and was excited for our hunt too :)
My search team

This should have been my first hint of the day to come...  
Unfortunately, the first tree farm was a bust!
They had short trees (we have tall ceilings), with large patches of branches missing.  
We spoke with the owner, who was very nice.  He talked about how his dad was sick during the planting time period that produced the trees that are now mature enough to cut down now.  We will definitely go back in a few years!

No surprise that Easton found a barn with a tractor while we were there.

After leaving the first tree farm we tried one more tree farm, and then another farm that has had pre-cut trees in the past.  All with no luck!

 We went to a fourth farm.  
{What a patient husband I have!}

I sweet couple asked if we could swap picture taking.  We took their picture and then they attempted to take ours...  Notice only two of our lovely children are in the picture!
Because these two stinkers wanted no part of our family picture :(  
I do have to laugh that the husband who took the picture, also took this picture of Quin and Easton immediately following the above picture!
Unfortunately, our tree luck didn't pan out at this location either... and our children were beginning to melt down!

All of the good trees had a sold sign on them!  UGH!
We decided to go home, eat dinner and regroup!

We decided to go into Holland to a corner lot, and we found the perfect tree - phew, relief!
After having the tree set up for a day or so to let it fall, we told Quin that we would get out the decorations and add the tree skirt before bed.  While grabbing the boxes, she added her own tree skirt!  :)