Monday, July 5, 2010

Handprint Art

***Added Note: I have noticed that many people find this post from a search engine. If that is you, I have added links to all of my hand/foot print crafts over on the right side of the blog --> Feel free to stay and take a look around :) Enjoy!

Around Christmas time I posted some pictures of ornaments and wrapping paper that we made using the kids hand prints. I had a few people ask me if I had any other hand print ideas, so I thought I would quickly post the last few that we have done.

Earlier in the spring our nanny made these adorable chicks with the kids. I loved them! They are in a file and will be pulled out for their graduation open houses. (Assuming we don't move, their high school mascot will be the chix).
We made these for mother's day for each grandma, and I kept a set for our front door.

Right now we are proudly sharing our hand print flag in the front door :)

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