Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter/Valentine Art

I had a life lesson when putting together our latest footprint art.
I thought it would be adorable to have a set of footprint snowmen decorated 'perfectly' by me (on our front door, facing the road) and Quin's version (facing inward on the door, towards our living room). While working together on the snowmen (I was drawing on my own, and she was copying on hers), I had to go to the kitchen for two minutes to do something with dinner. When I came back, all of the 'scarves' and 'faces' had been drawn on both my paper and hers. My gut reaction was to quit, we were done - they didn't look anything like I had intended! After looking again though... I saw the most adorable snowmen! They are so much cute-er than if I had instructed her step by step...
So, my lesson for the day... It is the process, not the product. (Although, the product is pretty cute too!) Thank you to Quin for reminding me of that!
We also worked on handprint penguins, but those too went a little awry! After cutting them out and decorating them, I realized that all of the fingers should have been black - with just a white belly. Oh well... they are still cute!
The woman who watched the kids last year put this adorable Valentine's Day foot hearts together, and I had hoped to do a replica of it for this year so that we could compare the foot growth in the past year.
Unfortunatley, we didn't get to it over the past few days, so chances are it won't happen. Maybe next year!

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