Friday, October 30, 2009

Goldilocks & Her Three Bears

I love a good theme - and there were so many to choose from. I hope our foursome lets me go with a theme for many years to come!
We finally settled on.... Goldilocks and the Three Bears! I think I had more fun seeing them dressed up than all four (five including Jason) put together. The babies were really not into wearing the big and bulky costumes - especially the head pieces. And Quin, well, she was just Quin. Doing her own thing.
All in all, I took 161 pictures (oh, I just love my fast action camera!). Still didn't capture any great pictures :( Oh well!

Obviously, Quin was Goldilocks and Easton was Papa Bear. Gianna is in the middle as Mama Bear, and Ellery is on the right as Baby Bear. Don't the babies look excited?!?!
Love this picture. I ended up with many like this - Quin checking out the pumpkins, while I try to get the babies to smile.
Mama Bear (Gianna) decided to console Papa Bear. Can't you just hear her telling him 'it will be over in a minute, just look at the camera'.
I caught Quin sitting - it was only a few seconds.
Quin may have been praying that the photo shoot finish soon.
I finally decided to take a cue from the look on Gianna's face. I guess 161 pictures is enough.

9 Month Doctor Appointments

The babies turned 9 months yesterday - wow, time flies! We had an appointment with our pediatrician yesterday morning. They are definitely growing.

Ellery – 16 pounds 12 ounces, 26 inches
Gianna -17 pounds 1 ounces, 26 1/2 inches
Easton – 15 pounds 15 ounces, 26 inches

I so wish Easton was just one more ounce. The fact that he is 15 pounds and something, and Gianna is 17 and something, makes it seem so much more than a 1 pound and 2 ounce difference. Eventually he will catch up - for his sake though, I hope it is before they hit college age! Our doctor was happy with their gains, and has put Gianna and Ellery on regular formula. Because of Easton's low weight, he will stay on the NeoSure. This will help him get a few extra calories.

Gianna's weight was at 25% - yay! (She was first up, and the doctor converted her measurements to the gestational age chart and she would have been at 50%.) Ellery was about 10% on the nine month chart. And, then there is Easton - no such luck. Maybe next time he will make the weight chart.

They did do very well on their head circumference - all three were between 50 and 60%. At least they have big brains!

Pumpkin Carving

We actually had a descent day last Sunday. Quin and Jason spent quite a bit of time enjoying the fall weather. Quin decided that it was her job to push the leaves out to the road. She is such a hard worker - but of course, she does it with style! Couldn't be without the pink Little Kitty sunglasses :)
It was also perfect pumpkin gutting weather! Quin did most of the work herself. She wasn't too sure about the slimy insides, but quickly decided that it "not too bad".
Quin was much more interested in the light that is used to light the jack-o-lantern. She thought it made a wonderful microphone! :) So much for carving!
She was obsessed with the stem/top and how it was like a puzzle. She couldn't keep her hands off of it. The funny thing was that a squirrel stole the top within hours of the jack-o-lantern being on the porch. Quin was not amused!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Time With Lincoln

Last Saturday Abbey and Lincoln came to visit us! We were amazed at how fast he is growing. It was so much fun to see him - I sure wish he, I mean they, lived closer :)

Quin was so good with him. You can tell just by watching her with babies that she has so much experience with little ones. Every time he was on the floor, she wanted to be next to him - giving hugs and kisses.
Linc is catching up to Easton. Easton better start eating his cereal!
I love how it looks like Linc is looking up to Ellery, and that they are holding hands :)
Think Lincoln is happy he doesn't live at our house?!?!?
I couldn't pass up posting this pic. Those eyes!
My parents were also able to stop by and spend time with all five grandchildren. I love watching them both with the kids!

We Have A Sitter

Drum roll, please... After almost nine months, we have a sitter! Way to go Gianna!
Ellery is close behind, and does a very nice job staying upright inside of the boppy pillow. Easton has some work to do, but we know he will get there!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

After our off roading experience at the apple orchard with the triplet stroller, we thought it best to skip the pumpkin patch this year. (Okay, this was more Jason's decision, since he is the one who is usually stuck pushing). Instead we chose to go to Green Acres Farm Market (on 31 towards Grand Haven, for all of you locals). They have piles and piles of pumpkins to choose from!
Quin's eyes were as big as saucers when she saw them piles so high :)
She chose three perfect little pumpkins - one for each baby.
She was a little upset that she couldn't lift any of the pumpkins.
The triplets hung out up on the cement.
She also loved leaning on the pumpkins that were as tall as she was, and people watching. I laughed that she was people watching the people who were watching us :)

We have been working on sitting. They are all getting much stronger core muscles - especially the girls. Gianna is able to balance well for a few, Ellery also has her moments.
Gianna (L) Ellery (R)

Doctor Visits and Food

Last Thursday I decided that it was time to take Easton and Ellery to the doctor :( Easton had been super cranky, and just plain out of sorts. Ellery had been wheezing, and it was increasing instead of getting better. Turns out that Easton had an ear infection, so we were prescribed an antibiotic. They put Ellery on breathing treatments for her wheezing. Quin has needed them in the past, so it was nothing new for us - just not fun! Both are doing much better and back to their old selves - yeah!
During our visit they were both weighed (they hadn't been weighed since their 6 month appt.). Ellery weighed in at 16 pounds and a half ounce. Easton, our little peanut, was 15 pounds and one ounce. I am so curious what Gianna weighs - it has to be at least a pound heavier than Ellery. We go for their 9 month appt. at the end of October.

Food, food, food! Many of you have asked how it is going. Well... it is going :{ Ellery is a wonderful eater! She loves food, opens her mouth and acts like she is chewing. Easton keeps his mouth shut, but will 'chew' when the food makes it past his lips. He does have moments of licking the spoon, so I have hope for him. Then there is Gianna, oh my sweet Gianna. Poor girl, eating is not her thing. I see a lot of the same actions in her that Quin had, unfortunately. We continue to work daily with her, hoping that she will catch on soon. I will bring it up at their 9 month appointment. I have a feeling that we may be heading for feeding therapy - at least we are veterans :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eye Doctor, Colds and 8 Month Pics

Well, it is amazing how much time I don't have now that I am back to work :{ Posts are far and few between. I have great intentions, but just can't make the time to post. Here are a few things from the past week or so.

Last Friday we had a follow up appointment with the pediatric opthomologist. I think it is fascinating how they can tell if babies have issues with their eyes. It makes me wonder why I have to look at the charts and tell them 'which one is more clear, one or two'. By using his little lenses, the doctor was able to tell that all three babies are farsighted. He explained that newborn babies usually are farsighted by '2 units' (I'm not sure what units are though). Gianna measured at 2 units, Easton measured at 3 units and Ellery measured at 4 units. He did say that there is still time for their eye sight to increase. He also said that more likely than not, Ellery will probably need glasses in the future though. I think her big blue eyes will look even more beautiful in glasses! We need to take the girls back in a year for another check up.

The bigger news from the eye doctor was that Easton probably has a Dermoid Cyst. A few weeks ago we noticed that the left corner of Easton's eye was red. After the redness went away, there was a small lump under the skin - it feels like a bb is trapped. I asked the doctor to check it out and he believes that it is a cyst that has probably always been there, but we just didn't notice it. It is a harmless cyst, but will probably have to be removed if it is grows any bigger. We go back the first week of November to see if it has grown. I pray that it remains the size it is now, and does not require surgery!

All five of my babies have had colds over the last week and a half. That's right - five babies. When Jason is sick, it sure feels like I have a fifth child! :) He and Quin are both feeling much better now. The babies have had a few lingering symptoms. Cranky, crying babies really are not much fun! I am hoping for them to be happy and healthy again soon!

We also took a few pictures when the babies turned 8 months. (L to R, Gianna, Easton, Ellery)
I love the look on Easton's face, as if to say 'don't touch me!'
After awhile, Quin became jealous. Soon she had stripped down to her undies and joined the babies.

My Apple Crisp Assistant

This past weekend Quin and I used some of the apples from our apple orchard trip to make apple crisp - so yummy! Quin was actually a huge help. I love to try and let her help in any way when I am cooking - she loves to watch and stir :)
She enjoyed trying to read the recipe card to me - even telling what ingredients to add!
She LOVED using the apple peel/core/slice hand crank. It was easy enough for her to turn, so all I had to do was put the apple on and help her take it off. The corkscrew effect was neat to see.
It was a long wait to get to the eating part, but Quin thought it was well worth it! She gave it a thumbs up!!!