Monday, January 2, 2012

Aquino Christmas 2011

After our morning at home, we went over to my parents house!  We were so excited to see everyone there!
Ellery and Easton were all smiles with baby Isadora!
Quin couldn't stay away for long...
Five out of six kiddos were ready for the picture... Gianna needs a lot of time to warm up to situations.  It was still too early for her to mingle and smile... silly girl!
I love watching Lincoln with all four of our kids!  He gets along so well, and they all love him so much.  He and Ellery were two peas in a pod.  They loved playing with all of the toys.
Easton was still really confused.  All he wanted to do was play with this toy.
Quin loved helping pass out the presents, as well as open them!
My Uncle John got in to the toy fun with the kid.
Miss Isa... our Santa baby!
After dinner, all five kids seemed to quickly... and quietly... disappear.  Quin had set up chairs in the den for school.  She was reading a story, and teaching the letter "p".  I love the look on Gianna's face.  And, the first rule that teacher Quin needs to learn is to not put the trouble maker in the back row ;)
And, as quickly as it snuck up on us...Christmas is gone.  I love this season, and the time that I get to spend with my kiddos.  I just love them!

Christmas Morning

Each year just keeps getting better and better! 
Although the triplets really didn't fully grasp the concept of Santa, they knew they were excited for something.  They knew what Santa looked like, and that he would bring presents, but they didn't get that he would come that specific night. 
Quin on the other hand, was beyond giddy!  All on her own, she drew this picture/letter for him.  It has Mrs. Claus and Santa holding hands and walking a dog(Awww... don't they look happy).  There are butterflies to the left of them and then really small above the butterflies and to the left of Mrs. Claus is 'an elf running around with a gift'.  She also wanted to add a note.  She tried on her own, and then asked me to sound it out for her.  It says, "I will do better next year.  Quin"
Well, Santa loved all of his homemade goodies.  (At the last minute, as she was being tucked in, she decided that she didn't want him to have the yummy caramel.  She thought is was so cool that he knew not to eat it - ha!)
 Santa even left her a note thanking her for the goodies and chocolate milk.  He also wanted her to know that he appreciated how well she did at school, and that he hoped to see more of that at home ;)
I had them start with their stockings.
I love how easy Easton is to please... he was so excited about the apple and banana - hee, hee!  That is, until he noticed all of the presents!
It took Ellery a little while to put down her stocking goodies to open her presents.

Easton and Gianna were both easily sidetracked!  They could have sat with one toy for the the monring, without realizing there were more to open. 
Quin and Ellery though...  they went from present to present to present. 
{Sidenote:  Santa's elves must know that art supplies from 'Back to School' sales, and dress up outfits from the Halloween clearance area make the best Christmas presents!}

Mmmm.... Gorilla bread!
I didn't get pictures of our baking this year.  Quin and the triplets helped unwrap all of the Rolos and peppermint Kisses, and they also helped me make the peppermint rice krispy's. 
Quin did a great job helping me put it all on the platter!
I love making memories with all of my kiddos!  I can't imagine how much they will grow by next Christmas :(

HaPpY NeW YeAr's!!!

Over the past few years I have written about our New Year's Gift giving tradition.  It is still one of my favorites!  Much less pressure on my part and because they don't remember the tradition yet, they sleep really well.  They had been up for five minutes before stumbling upon the gifts.  I usually think to get them something practical and something for fun.  Unfortunately, I totally flubbed up this year and ordered their hooded towels (practical gifts) too late.  Ooops!  They may have to become birthday presents ;)
The woman who watches our kids stayed late last week, so that Jason and I could make a trip to Ikea - woo hoo!  So... most of their gifts were our great finds from there.
Santa brought Easton a basic train set, that he has loved.  So, we gave him a large carpet for this cars/trains and an extension kit for his trains.
Ellery got some felt fruit.
And Quin got an iPod.  Long story short - it is used, but it is perfect for her!  We do need to invest in a few new songs though... If I hear Fireworks or Whip Your Hair Back and Forth again, I may throw the thing out the window ;)  She loves it though.  It is just one more reminder that my baby is growing up!
Even after the other three kids opened their presents, Gianna sat with her baby while sippin' her juice.  They only get one cup of juice, so she was afraid someone might take it if she put it down.
Their group gift was an Elmo game for our Wii.

Gianna finally decided to open her gift, and found the vegetable version of Ellery's.  The girls also got a play pot/pan set, as well as a new table lamp for their bedroom.

Jason made yummy cinnamon french toast!
In an effort to avoid the hat fiasco of last year, I thought we would try funny mustaches ;)  I saw these fun freebie printables here, and thought my kids would get a kick out of them!
I love how her new squished nose smile just adds to the mustache look!
And, of course, Easton had the most difficulty cooperating ;)
I just think he wanted this sign for himself.

I grocery shopped early in the day and came home to this...  Jason knew that I was going to take pictures of them with the mustaches.  I had a hard time even looking at him without laughing/wincing/gagging...  I love that he was a good sport for the day!

I mustache... how did I get so lucky?!?!?
We wish all of you a happy, healthy 2012!!!