Monday, March 28, 2011

HaPpY BiRthDaY Quin!

WOW! Between school (assessing and report cards) and sick kiddos at home, we have been MIA for sure! It has been over a month since my last post. Sorry! During my absence, we celebrated one amazing little lady's birthday! I can't believe that Quin is four already :( To see her pictures of birthdays past, go here. Time flies when we are having fun!

We did not have a party for her this year. We did have the chance to meet up with both Jason's side and my side of the family for little get togethers! It is always nice to see family!!!

On Quin's actual birthday, the babes were very sick. We decided it was best to take Quin out for a little lunch date. We invited her BFF, Izzy, along and met up with my parents at Red Robin (yum!).

Sidenote: Soon after Quin turned 3 she asked me if she could have gum. Without much thought, I answered not until she turned 4. Well, she never forgot! Anyone who knows Quin(and many strangers as well), knew that when she turned 4 she was going to be able to chew gum! Such a small reward for her patience. I made her and Izzy both gumball necklaces. She was totally smitten with it :) Quin's very first piece of gum (on her birthday). Quin and Izzy before our luncheon - are the two of them cute together, or what?!?! My mom brought them little princess goody bags. They quickly became the queens of Red Robin! A big thank you to Izzy for joining us for lunch, and helping to make Quin's birthday a blast! When we got home, Quin quickly went down hill. She was still fighting off the end of a cold herself, and was tuckered out from lunch! This is how she really felt about me trying to take her birthday picture :( She did tolerate me for this one, but that poor nose... it had been wiped one time too many!
For her birthday, Jason and I bought her a coin operated gumball dispensper. She loves it, and it has been the best 'good behavior' motivator ever! If she has had a 'good day', she gets a piece of gum when we get home from work. I have even made a gumball coloring sheet for her to keep track of her good behavior. I had no idea that gum could be so rewarding!!!
Unfortunately, I do have to tell ya that we have tested, and approved, the peanut butter trick - it does work to get gum out of hair! UGH! I am hoping that it was a one time only test :(
Happy, happy Birthday Quinner the Winner! We sure do love you!!!

Quin's 4th Birthday Interview

I just couldn't stand the idea of Quin's 4th birthday pictures going down in history, with that icky raw red nose! I had to take a few more pictures with the birthday hat, after she was feeling better!
On with the post...

Around New Year's I remember reading, somewhere out in blogland, about somebody who did kiddy interviews at the beginning of each new year. The idea has been brewing in my head, and I love the idea of doing birthday interviews instead. How much fun to see how their likes/dislikes, interests and general thoughts change over the years.

I started out by asking Quin what her favorites were...
Food: macaroni and cheese (and she doesn't like pizza!)
Vegetable: carrots
Drink: water
Restaurant: Wolfies/Red Robin
Place to go: Mommy's school
Color: purple/pink (although she likes all of the colors)
Toy: her 'babies' (dolls)
TV Show: Handy Manny
Thing to do: play dress up
Type of weather: summer
Place to play: go to the park
Game: Memory
Book: Any sticker book

I also tried to ask a few questions to get her talking (didn't work out so well)...

If you could change your name, what would you choose? Loma (long vowel o, she has many variations on this name that she gives her stuffed animals, dolls, imaginary friends...)
What is something Mommy says to you? "Don't write on the counter" (Really, that was all she could come up with!?!?!)
What do you want to be when you grow up? a princess, a mommy, a big kid and a teacher
Who is your best friend? "Izzy and I can't wait for summer"

Love ya Quinners! I hope all of your 4 year old dreams come true!!!