Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Outdoor Chefs

I love that we are able to spend more time outside this summer (although I look forward to even more time next summer!). One area that gets lots of play time is the outdoor kitchens. Grandma Sizemore gave Quin an extra kitchen that she has loved to play with both last summer and this summer. Jason scored a free refrigerator and stove/microwave set from the side of the road a few days ago - perfect to play with outside!

Quin enjoys playing in the kitchen area by herself, but she really likes it when the babes play with her. They watch her every move and play along with all of her tea parties, dinners and woodchip toastings. She is {usually} a good sport, even when they mess up her 'food'.
See as they stop what they are doing to watch her every move.
Two minutes later Ellery is over at the stove pushing every button that Quin had just touched. At least for now - imitation is a form of flattery :)

18 Month Dr. Visit

We had our 18 month check ups last week. WOW! A year and a half has already gone by - I have no idea where that time went. They are growing well, although poor Easton is still a little peanut. He eats the most, and can definitely hold his own - so no worries from me. The latest and greatest stats are:

Ellery – 22 pounds 6.5 ounces (a little less than 25%), 32 inches long (50%)
Gianna – 22 pounds 11.5 ounces (25%), 30 ¼ inches long (25%)
Easton – 20 pounds 10 ounces (3%), 29 ¾ inches long (5%)

My babies are no longer little :( When I talk about them, I can't help but call them babies still. I have tried to come up with another group name for the triplets, but the only thing that rolls off my tongue naturally is 'babes' - pretty creative, huh?!?! (Feel free to give me suggestions :)

So... what is life like with 1 1/2 year old triplets, you may wonder?!?! Here is a picture to give you a small taste. I went into the kitchen for no more than a minute to start lunches, when I realized I couldn't hear a single sound (never a good sign!). As I walked towards where the babes were supposed to be, I heard the girls giggle (also not a good sign!). I died laughing when I saw my three stinkers. Easton pulled out a dining room chair and climbed on top of the dining room table. He pulled an open container of Cheerios next to him, and had started throwing them down to Gianna and Ellery. The girls thought it was hilarious - diving for cereal and tossing it into their mouths as they reach for the next. I stood and watched for a minute or two - what a hoot! As soon as I took the picture, Easton looked at me and started laughing out loud. Oh man, what in the world does my future hold?!?!?! I also love how each of them have developed their own personalities!

Gianna is so sweet, and is still a momma/daddy's girl. She is a leg hugger, and takes a long time to warm up. But when she does warm up, she is all smiles. She LOVES music and dancing. She loves to carry around a little black purse and her little teapot (thank you Ms. Meagon!). The teapot has a set of songs that she can hear with a push of a button - we hear them over, and over, and over... She never gets sick of hearing them, or dancing to them. Easton continues to be all boy. He still loves to climb and antagonize his sisters. He is mischievous, and has the best smile (not that he would smile for me this time)!
Not the most flattering picture of Ellery :( Ellery is the life of the party. She loves to interact with people and make them smile. She loves to listen and look at books. I also think she is going to be a girly girl - she can find the play bracelets in the bottom of any toy bin. She is the most 'talkative' - she babbles from sun up to sun down.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Summer Pictures

We have had amazing luck with photographers! Since Quin's birth, we have had our pictures taken by four different people and all four were fabulous.

I was hoping to have our pictures taken at the beginning of the summer, but was sidetracked by Easton's surgery. By the time I had contacted Tammi (of More Than Words Photography) she was booked into August - yikes! Great for her, not for us!

While in a slight panic, I remembered the adorable studio that we often walk past in downtown Zeeland, and had heard great things about. I contacted Marc Photography and they were able to take our pictures a few weeks ago - phew! We couldn't have been happier with the pictures - Love them! Tiffany and Andrew both came to the session, and were super patient with us. We were two clicks into our time and Easton fell off of a bench - bloody lip and all, poor guy! He recovered rather quickly, but it still could have been a disaster. Quin also wasn't her most cooperative self (shocker, I know!) but they still rolled with it. I am so grateful to them for the beautiful pictures of our family. It was so hard to pick just a handful to share on the blog!
Check out their website at They take beautiful wedding pictures also!
Ellery - I love her eyes in this picture!
My happy Gianna
I think this picture captures Quin perfectly.
I think this one is cute too. Quin is entering the phase of fake smiles that is very well known in my family :)
The kids cooperated enough that Jason and I were able to have a few taken of just the two of us. I don't think that has happened since our wedding.
Thanks again Tiffany and Andrew (of Marc Photography)!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Car Seats For Sale

UPDATE: We only have one of the green/dark gray seats left. Thanks!

So last week we bit the bullet {felt as if I sold an arm and a leg} and bought new convertible car seats for the triplets. We loved the babies’ car seats, but Ellery (Stretch as we call her) has been much too tall for hers for awhile. Our van now looks like I run a taxi service for toddlers. The new seats are so tall that you can see them through all of the windows – it makes me laugh every time I walk up to it!

We are now left with three Chicco Keyfit 30 car seats with bases. They were wonderful car seats, rarely used and never in a car accident. I plan on putting them for sale on line, but thought I would put them up here first. They would be perfect for any new parent, grandparent, extra seat at daycare, or even if you just need an extra base… The combo car seat/base currently sell at Babies R Us for $179.99, and a new base alone sells for $79.99.
We are asking $75 for each car seat/base combo.

Below I have copied the information from the BabiesRUs website and included pictures. We have all of the padding for each seat, and 2 owner manuals (it can also be downloaded right off of Chicco’s website). If you are interested, please email me at:

Product Description:
The key fit 30 infant car seat accommodates infants from 4 to 30 lbs. The car seat harness has one-pull tightening & loosening for quick harness fitting. The thickly-padded infant insert gives extra support for a smaller baby around the head, neck, back & bottom. The carrier shell is lined with energy absorbing foam. It features an innovative latch management system, easy belt routing and a spring-loaded leveling foot to make the infant car seat installation easy. The "one-pull", centrally located tightening strap has made securing the latch attachment simple. The key fit base also has wide belt routing loops with a built in belt locking system for vehicles without latch. Leveling the base is easy with a spring-loaded leveling foot and easy to read liquid, bubble level guides on both sides of the base. The enclosed underside of base protects vehicle seats from damage. Usage: from 4-30lbs, up to 30 inches, and has newborn insert from 4-11lbs.

The Fruit of our Labor

I have been so impressed with our square foot garden! In just over a month it now looks like this:
WOW! (I know - just by looking at it, I can tell that I over planted. I have learned my lesson for next summer.) Quin and I try to go out every morning, during the babes morning nap, to check out the growth. It is truly amazing how much the plants change every day or two! We have been watching the string bean plants climb and flower, and even spotted a few actual beans yesterday morning.
Most of the string bean plants are still flowering, but I look forward to a healthy crop :)
One of Quin's favorite foods is peppers. She has been keeping her eyes on this green pepper plant. We planted yellow and red peppers also, but they aren't nearly has big as these.
Quin's other favorite (and mine!) is tomatoes! We have been able to eat a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes and there are a ton that should be ready soon.
I have to say one of my favorite parts of the garden are the sunflowers! I can't believe how tall they have grown already. It has also been neat to see them grow towards the sun.
The garden has been such a learning experience for Quin and I! The end products are by far the best part though! We look forward to many more veges in the coming weeks!!!

We Have a New Nanny

Thank you to everyone who passed along the information for our nanny opening! We have found a wonderful woman, who we think will be perfect! Everyone told me that I was spoiled with our first nanny, but I think this new person will be equally wonderful. What a relief for me! Thanks again!

(I deleted the 'wanted' post, so hopefully it won't send out a random post like the last time I deleted a post - if so, sorry!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

We hope that all of you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!!
(Gianna, Quin, Ellery, Easton)
This was the first year that we did worms and sparklers with Quin. We let her stay up late - not too late though ;). She loved watching the way that the fire changed both of them! Holidays are so much fun through the eyes of a child!

Handprint Art

***Added Note: I have noticed that many people find this post from a search engine. If that is you, I have added links to all of my hand/foot print crafts over on the right side of the blog --> Feel free to stay and take a look around :) Enjoy!

Around Christmas time I posted some pictures of ornaments and wrapping paper that we made using the kids hand prints. I had a few people ask me if I had any other hand print ideas, so I thought I would quickly post the last few that we have done.

Earlier in the spring our nanny made these adorable chicks with the kids. I loved them! They are in a file and will be pulled out for their graduation open houses. (Assuming we don't move, their high school mascot will be the chix).
We made these for mother's day for each grandma, and I kept a set for our front door.

Right now we are proudly sharing our hand print flag in the front door :)