Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Pictures Fall 09

We decided to go with a new photographer for our fall pictures (we still love the pictures that Chad Bosma takes, but thought we would see how a new perspective might look). Tammi from More Than Words Photography did a fabulous job! We are a daunting job (come on - four kids 2 1/2 and under?!?!?). She took on our challenge, and I couldn't be happier!!!

The weather was not our side - it was very cold and felt as though it may rain at any moment. The babies were cranky, with a capital C. She did manage to capture some really cute pictures. I would have loved some with just the four kids, but hey - I will take what I can get!
Check out Tammi's blog at:
I know you will fall in love with her work!

I love this picture - my little man. I think it has super model written all over it :)
This is my favorite picture from the photo session! Check out Gianna's face - hilarious, right?!?! I can completely see this picture on the front of a Hallmark card.
I have a funny feeling that one of these three girls will always feel like Gianna looks - "But Mom, that isn't fair..."
Quin and I
Gianna and Jason

Take 2

The Sunday after our official family pictures it was mid 60's and sunny (in November!). It was a gorgeous day, and the kids seemed to be in good moods, so we all put our picture duds back on and went walkin' around our neighborhood. Tammi took such beautiful pictures, but I was hoping for a picture of all four kids together. Our luck was not much better than hers :( Here are the best - it is not saying much though.

Ellery, Easton, Gianna
These were the best of all four - how sad.
My handy assistant! (or baby lugger)
I knew that Tammi had taken some adorable pictures of Easton, so I didn't focus on individual pictures of him. I thought this one was cute - he and Quin are always making each other smile.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Much Thanks!

I cannot put into words how thankful we are! We have so much to be thankful for - the list could go on and on. I am mostly thankful for my family!!! I look back at the hill that we have climbed over the past year and wonder how we got so lucky. The triplets are happy and healthy and progressing well. Quin has adjusted better than expected. Jason and I have managed to grow closer as a couple, and an even better team than we were before. And, we continue to be surrounded by amazing family and friends who help support us. We have to be some of the luckiest people around. Thank you to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from us and our four turkeys!
Quin (She is actually saying Happy Thanksgiving)
And... I had to add a picture of Quin from two years ago. She was the first to wear the turkey headband!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Surgery... Yet

I know, it has been forever since I have posted (I feel like it anyways...).
One look at my dining room table and you would know that it is report card time. This means a major shortage of extra time because it is all spent working to get ready for conferences. It is well worth it come Monday and Tuesday when I meet with my wonderful student's families!

A few of you have asked about Easton's eye. Jason took him yesterday to have the bump (they are still thinking that it is a dermoid cyst) on his eye checked. The doctor doesn't believe that it is growing at a fast rate, and it is not blurring his vision (in fact, his farsightedness seems to be improving - yay!). We have to go back in January to have the size of the bump reassessed. It is always the doctor's hope to not operate on babies under one year old. No matter what, we will have an appointment with the surgeon in March, since it will eventually have to be removed. I pray that the bump remains the same and we can put off the surgery until it is essential!

I have a few more things I hope to post next week! The girls have teeth, and we had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago. Here is a sneak peak - I promise more pictures as soon as conferences are over!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Candy Monster

I do believe that Halloween created a candy monster at our house - Quinners!
We have always limited her experience with candy. She likes to eat healthy food and I want to encourage that (some of her favorites right now are kiwis, any type of pepper, broccoli, bananas...). She tends to love fruit, so I have always feared that she will have an uncontrollable love of candy. Yup - I guessed right. We have limited it to one piece of candy a day, and she has done well so far. I did find several pieces of candy stashed around the living room area though :)

She cracks me up! She loved trick or treating. She was in heaven people watching, talking with our visitors and feeling like a big girl while she passed out candy. She was very polite in helping pass out candy. She always checked out the kids costumes, and often complimented them. If they did not say thank you, she would say 'your welcome...' in an attempt to get them to say thank you. I find it somewhat disturbing when I see/hear her doing things I do! :)
Jason took Quin to several of the houses around us. She was so proud of her little bag when she was finished.
The babies hung out and people watched also! They were fascinated by the steady stream of kids (We gave away close to 500 pieces of candy). Notice the gate in the far left corner? Jinx and Miya were quite bummed that they weren't allowed to meet and greet the visitors! :)
People watching sure can take it out of you! Gianna was sleeping by 6:30.