Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Orchard

This past Sunday we took our circus of six to the apple orchard. Weekends spent at home get very long. It is a lot of work to go any where, but it is always well worth it! Quin had a great time running through the rows of trees, comparing the different apples and finding the rotted apples hidden in the grass.
The orchard has an adorable 'house' made out of pumpkins which she was thrilled about before we even began the picking.
She also loved showing me each apple that she was able to pluck from the tree.
I love this picture! Not so exciting for most of you, but it cracks me up! :) The apple trees must have been much more interesting than I thought! I think it is funny that Jason and Quin are standing exactly the same - like father, like daughter.
It always amazes me how much attention we generate. I forget that having four small children, three of them being triplets, is so out of the ordinary. I live it every day - it is my norm - so I forget how special it really is.
I chose a quiet, out of the way row of trees to take a few minutes for a picture opportunity. No one was around! By the time the blanket was laid and the babies were out of the stroller, we had two groups of apple pickers who magically found the row that we were in. I could feel them watching my every move. At one point Jason turned around to get something out of the stroller which was less than 10 feet away, and they were picking from the tree directly behind the stroller (which was tucked nicely out of the center of the row). I finally heard someone say, 'you know guys, there ARE OTHER trees that we could choose to pick from'. I just wanted to thank her.
Jason and I are not people who like to be the center of attention, so this is still so new to us both. We do love to talk to people, and think it is very sweet of people to be so positive when talking with either of us!
Our triplet stroller works well, but definitely is not meant for the hills and valleys of the orchard. To make matters worse, apples kept getting stuck in the wheels. It was funny the first few times - Jason was not amused by the end :{
I have to add this blast from the past. Almost exactly two years ago, we took Quin to the same orchard. Check out that chub! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today we ventured into solids – although calling very runny baby cereal a 'solid' is a far stretch :)

We probably should have started this a few weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure that things settled down at home and that we could be consistent. Between me starting work again and Jason being out of town a few days this past week, we thought it best to wait.
It was pretty uneventful (I know, we will get there!). None of the babies loved it, or hated it. All three seemed confused about this icky white stuff, and weren't sure what to do with it!

Easton, Ellery and Gianna before we started! Don't they look excited :)

I have some mixed emotions about starting ‘food’. I know this is a step in the right direction, but also feel like teaching three babies how to ‘eat’ could be such a huge undertaking. I would love to puree as much of their food as possible, but know my time is limited. I love the idea of them growing into being ‘eaters’ and look forward to the end result, but...it is the journey there that seems somewhat daunting.

Our experience with Quin was far from normal, so my view on starting solids may be somewhat tainted. From about three weeks of age and on, we knew that Quin had a lot of little issues that added up to one big issue, she couldn’t eat. She had low muscle tone in her cheeks, her tongue was too big for her month and she had great difficulty coordinating her tongue and swallow motions. We eventually went to Mary Free Bed Rehab for feeding therapy. They were fab-u-lous! You would never know now that she had so many hurdles! My experience through her therapy taught me a ton about feeding interventions. I think this knowledge is double edged – I have already used a few little techniques when the babies began feeding from bottles. I do notice that Gianna has a few funny tongue movements that remind me of Quin, but nothing as severe! I hope my anxiety is for nothing!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Can you believe that it has been close to two weeks since I have posted! Some of you who have come to rely on me for at least two posts a week are either secretly thankful that I have finally become a busy lady, or have missed our little updates. If you are the latter, here are a few pics to help pacify you until I have a few extra minutes to update you on being a working mother of four small children. I have so much that I think about posting, but when given a choice, sleep usually wins.

{Briefly: I am exhausted, but loving it! I miss my own kiddos, but know they are in excellent hands when I am gone. I also feel so blessed to have a wonderful group of students who are as excited about learning as I am about teaching!}

Okay, back to the order of business... The first two pictures are from last weekend, as we started to get accustomed to our new weekend routine.
The babies hanging out in their room. (Gianna, Easton, Ellery)
I love the diaper pictures! Look at those round bellies :) They are lying in order from biggest to smallest, but it isn't as extreme as the picture leads you to believe. Between the angle that I took the picture and Easton holding up his legs, we aren't doing him any justice! (Gianna, Ellery, Easton)
We have had gorgeous weather the past few weeks! When possible, the woman who watches the kids brings them out back to play. Here Gianna and Easton are hanging out in their Bumbos, in the wagon. Quin enjoys pulling them around the backyard.
Ellery was enjoying her view from the swing.
This weekend Jason's mom was able to come over and visit. It was nice to have her here. Quin loved spending time with her, as well as her Pug, Micki. Quin LOVES Micki - although, sometimes her actions towards poor Micki border on abuse. Micki is a trooper and Quin is always sad when 'Gamma and Micki' leave!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of Summer

Okay, so technically it isn’t the end of summer. But, if you are a teacher or a student, it definitely feels like the end (in Michigan we can’t start school until the Tuesday after the holiday).

Over the long weekend, we were able to spend a little more carefree time with my sister's family. We had a wonderful day of lounging, eating and letting the babies roll around together.

It is crazy to think that only a few short months ago, the triplets were a third of the size of Lincoln. By looks of this picture, our four kids can't believe it either.
I discovered that my computer has a 'trial' photo editing program, so I was doing a little experimentation. Found out that I don't like it... I couldn't figure out how to turn it back to color or get rid of the 'text here' box. Oh, well... you get the gist of the picture, right?!?! (This just cements the idea that I really do need to figure out the whole photo editing program dilemma!)
This ADORABLE hat was given to us as a present. I so appreciate practical gifts (that is usually what I give), but the impractical, only use a couple of times, gifts are great fun. This hat was HUGE for Easton when we first got it. I have a ton of cute pictures of him with the hat on. Look how happy he looks. (I do love kids in hats!).
We don't have many pictures of all six of us - not too bad! I can't expect six people to look at one camera, especially when four of them are kids under two and a half.

Tomorrow is my first official day back to teaching. I really am looking forward to getting into the swing of things again! It has been a perfect transition so far. Over the past few weeks, I have been able to slowly leave the house for longer periods of time each day. I have been able to do last minute errands, get my room completely ready and last week I had inservice days. I am hoping that by starting our daycare routine three weeks early will ease the stress of me being gone all day, every day. (Yes, the stress for both the kids as well as myself!) I don't look forward to the inevitable time crunch that working full time is going to create on our weekends. The four kids have done incredible so far, and I hope to report soon that it has continued!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Easton Meets Linc

My sister, Abbey, and her husband, Kirk, were able to agree on a name before they left the hospital on Monday - yay! My favorite nephew's name is... Lincoln Jerome. I love it! My dad's middle name is Jerome. Not sure if there is a special reason for Lincoln.

Easton and I were able to visit the family of three at their home on Tuesday. It was such a hoot to see Easton next to Linc. Easton looked huge!!!! Ellery and Gianna are bigger than Easton, so he always looks like the small fry. I loved seeing him look like the big guy. I am sure it won't last for too long. We had a great time, and I look forward to Easton and Linc spending more time together. Linc is such a good baby. I was warmly reminded how cuddly newborns are!

Wouldn't you love to know what Easton was thinking?!?!

Already sharing secrets :)
Showin' some love!

100th Post

How amazing that 100 posts ago I was sitting/lying at home on bedrest, with so many unknowns as our journey was just beginning. It seems like a lifetime ago!

I know I began this blog as a way to communicate about the triplets. Over time it has slowly turned into a peek at our everyday lives. I love to write about how we are managing with four small children. It is a neat way for me to document our happenings. I have had fun going back and reading the entries from the very beginning. I have found several online companies that take blogs and turn them into keepsake-type books. I have decided to forgo baby books for the triplets. Instead I hope to turn this blog into a book and have them printed for each of the babies as well as Quin. I am sure I will also have one printed for us to read and cry over after all four have left us (how crazy to think about our house with only the two of us!).

I would like to thank all of you for taking this wild roller coaster ride with us. Now that the babies are doing so well, I wouldn't blame you for hopping off :) I will continue to write about how all four kids are growing and you are all welcome to continue to read along. Thanks again!