Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out and About

We had our first fun family outing that was purely just for us! We go to friends and families homes, we walk to the park to play, we go to doctor appointments - but this was the first time we went someplace with all six of us, just for family time.

We started out our day at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. Quin was a little overwhelmed by all of the neat areas, but warmed up after the first few minutes. It was very busy, so it was hard to get to all of the areas. We stuck with the basics that I knew Quin would enjoy, although we did try to stroll through the whole museum. I wasn't sure how long the babies would last, and knew they would need bottles while we were there.

We all loved the mirror area!
All four kids LOVED the triangular mirror tunnel. I think they could have stayed in there the whole time!
Ellery was the first to crawl all the way down. She screamed back to the others as if to say 'come on down guys!'.
Easton thought it was great fun to slap the bottom mirror - he was laughing hysterically at himself :)
After we left I asked Quin what her favorite part was. Of all of the super cool and unique areas, her favorite was... the sandbox. HA!
All four kids were in great moods when we left. We had just enough time to stop for lunch before we had to get home for afternoon naps, so we stopped at Fazoli's. It was the perfect place - not a fancy restaurant, great food and not busy. YUM!
We had a wonderful day together. I think we are starting to turn a new leaf in our lives - one that we can go places as a family, have things go somewhat smoothly and not worry as much about germs (although we will see who is sick in the next few days). I can't wait for more family outings!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Cahoots

We are loving how the triplets are interacting with each other! I wish I had more pictures that showed how they are beginning to act just like siblings should - love/hate and then love/hate some more! Here are two that I could find.

All three have been playing with the balls together. They will roll them to each other (it is awkward, but they attempt) and then all of a sudden one them decides they are done and tries to crawl away with the ball - leaving the others screaming mad!
Ellery and Gianna
The bathroom is a favorite hang out! Easton loves to unroll the toilet paper. He knows exactly how to pull the loose piece so that it unrolls in a matter of seconds - stinker!!! Gianna and Ellery are usually near the door, so it looks like they are his look outs :)
It is so much fun to see them grow into little beings - toddlers, really. WOW! Oh the adventures I foresee in their near future. I can't wait!

Check Ups

I set up several dr. visits during spring break - trying to save the few sick days that I have left.
Yesterday morning I took Quin for her 3 Year check up. She is doing very well, and the doctor was impressed with her verbal skills - ha! I was surprised by her stats. She has always been very low on the percentile for height, and very high for weight. I feel like in the last few months she has sprouted (her pants are turning into capris - thank goodness it is spring), and that she has grown into a skinnie minnie. But... she is 25% for height (36 3/4 inches) and right around 80% for weight (33 pounds). Just cracks me up!

In the afternoon, we took the triplets for their second developmental appointment at the Gerber Center. When the babies left DeVos, they were automatically enrolled for developmental follow-ups. Gerber continues to check them against their 'adjusted' age. Their original due date was April 9, so the doctors look at them as if they are 12 months old. The doctors were very impressed with how well they have developed, and are meeting their adjusted milestones - and even some of their actual age milestones. They have one more appointment next November, and then they should be dismissed - yay!

Their new weights/lenghts are:
Ellery - 20 pounds 5 ounces, 29 1/2 inches long
Gianna - 21 pounds, 29 1/8 inches long
Easton - 19 pounds 1 ounce, 28 inches long

A Little Help, A Lot of 'Fun'

About a week and a half ago, the school where I teach had its annual 'Family Fun Night'. This is our version of a school carnival. My students were wound up so high for at least a week before. It is always nice to see our families come together for a night, interact with each other and have a wonderful time as a family!

As a teacher, I get to volunteer! :) I couldn't leave Quin home for the evening, knowing that she would have a blast at Fun Night, so she came with me. We spent the first hour volunteering in the balloon area. We were in charge of supplying balloons to the clowns, who then handed them out to kids. There was a conference room full of balloons that she could walk around and grab the ribbon tails to make balloon bouquets. After getting over her fear of the clowns and balloons, she did a fabulous job!

She gathered/arranged this bouquet all on her own.
After our shift was over, it was our turn to play! She had a great time playing games and eating!

We ended the night at the Moonwalk (blow-up bouncer). Quin was so excited to go in and bounce. We waited in line for about five minutes and watched, so she knew what she was getting in to - or so I thought. She thought it was great fun for about the first 30 seconds, until she was bounced very high by the older kids. I will never forget the look on her face :) She gave a few more tries, and then crawled over to me. Smooshing her face against the net as close to me as she could get, she whispered "I no wanna be in here anymore... Please help me get out!"
We will give it another go next year! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter! This was the first holiday that I was able to say 'Wow - what an amazing difference a year makes!'. Last year the babies were right around 5 and a half pounds, and teeny tiny. It was their first outing and I remember how little they looked in everyone's arms. Well, this year they barely let anyone pick them up because they are busy bodies! :)

I pulled out the headbands that we used last year for pictures and they actually fit the babies - yay! If I was techy, I would link up my post from last year - but, I am not... Sorry!

Okay, so Quin's headband actually fit last year, but she wouldn't keep it on. Hmmm... wonder where she gets her stubborn streak from ;)
We hosted Easter this year with my side of the family! We were so excited to see everyone, but especially excited for Linc to come. He is getting so big, so fast!
Quin couldn't resist kissing him - love it!
Check out Easton and Lincoln - watch out ladies!
While getting out the headbands, Quin and I found a pair of bunny glasses that her Gigi gave her last year. Quin was crackin' us all up in them!


We had a great time decorating eggs together this past Saturday! Quin did all of the actual work, but G/E/E watched as the eggs changed.
I found this neat 'no touch' decorator that you put dye into the container, add an egg and then push the top until the egg has spun and become colored. Well... it was fun to push, but the colors began to blend together and we ended up with dark eggs after a few tries. It would have been great if I cleaned it out in between each egg, but who has time for that!
After we decorated about half the eggs, we switched to the traditional style of coloring and dipping. Quin loved seeing how the eggs got darker if you left them in for too long, and how the white crayon and rubberbands left white on parts of the eggs.
Quin was a pro at finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden. Each time she found an egg, she would say, "but no bunny with that one. I can't find the bunny". She was a little confused about who/what this Easter Bunny was :)
Gianna, Easton and Ellery tried to help, but quickly became sidetracked by their toys - who can blame them. Quin found the 13 eggs in record time - Jason and I were impressed! She was so proud of all of the eggs in her basket (they really are in there!)
Quin and Gianna just happened to have on matching pajamas (not planned at all!). I still think they look a lot alike! :)