Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Haircuts {Quin & Easton}

Easton and Quin had their very first haircuts today!

Now for those of you who are terrified at the idea of us cutting Quin's hair - you can breathe. We only had the back trimmed up in an attempt to streamline the bottom back section of her hair with the top layers. The woman who cut her hair ended up taking much less off of the back than even I had first suggested. Quin sat well. She was confused on where to look - the extra large mirror was throwing her off. Plus, she wanted to physically watch what the stylist was doing, instead of watching her reflection in the mirror. Overall, I was very happy.

Quin is not feeling well - she has a gunky nose, and tired out fast today. She was in no mood to have me take her after picture :( I don't think you could tell anyways...
My little man did fab-u-lous! I was very proud. It started out a little iffy. He didn't like having his arms covered. Once we freed his arms, he became enthralled in a hair pic. It kept him occupied for almost the entire time. She was able to cut his hair in a very short amount of time, rather painlessly (I think).
Doesn't he look handsome?!?!? I should have made more of an effort to have his hair cut a few months ago. It wasn't planned, but after he had his hair cut we noticed a remarkable resemblence to the monkey on shirt :)

SuPeR NaNNy!

I consider Jason my right hand man - I have no idea how this house would function without all of his help!

Close behind him (our left hand woman if you will) is our nanny.

Now first, I need to address the term 'nanny'. I have a very difficult time saying or writing the word {cough, cough} nanny. There is just something that makes me feel like only rich and snobby people have nannies (stereotyping yes - just being honest). I have tried many titles for her: babysitter, sitter, in home daycare provider, woman who comes to our house, caregiver... and nothing can quite describe what her job entails, and how wonderful she is.

I have described her as heaven sent and a goddess though! Both accurate, but probably not everyday appropriate.

The word nanny doesn't quite describe her either, really she is a super nanny! When we began to look for a person to come into our home, I heard a lot of nay-sayers. People were very skeptical of us finding the right person. Many people told me that I was too picky, and it would be very hard to find a quality person to watch our four precious kiddos. It is a tall order! Take care of and entertain three kids under one and a sassy 2 and a half year old?!?!? Makes most people tired just thinking about it! She makes it look easy!!!

The week before Thanksgiving she made this for us:
She came for a few hours the day after Thanksgiving so we could take Quin out to find a Christmas tree. While we were out she made (brought?) blue jello, let each baby play in it, found our camera and took pictures so we wouldn't miss it, and cleaned it up so that I would have never known it was there!
A few weeks ago a large box came in the mail with diapers and presents. I left the box out thinking that they may want to play in it for a little bit. Little did I know that she and Quin would spend a good portion of the day dreaming up an amazing train and work together to make it come to life! Quin was able to tell me all about how they made each part. We had great fun in the train for a few weeks - there was enough space for Quin and a baby, and sturdy enough for Jason to push/pull them around.
Last week she and Quin made and decorated gingerbread cookies (Santa thought they were very yummy!)
We couldn't be more appreciative of all of the work that our 'nanny' does for us and our family! Without her, we would be lost! Thank you to her!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aquino Christmas

On Christmas day, after opening gifts at our house, we headed over to my parents. My brother Nate, Sister Abbey, her husband Kirk, their son Linc, my Aunt Shelley, Uncle John and Grandpa all joined us. I love spending the day with my family! Our children are so loved (by both sides of our families!).
Uncle Nate and Easton
This is best picture I have of the girls together. Gianna (L) and Ellery (R) They loved the new set of toys that my mom has hidden for them!
We are having a little issue with Quin wanting to play with all of the babies' toys. This adorable bee rider was given to the triplets by my sister, but Quin has quickly decided that she will ride it until they can.
Easton and Lincoln shared some bonding time (it didn't last long, but that is okay). It looks like they are in a serious discussion of which way the toy should turn :)
Quin loves her time with her Uncle Nate. "Look at me, I flying!"
How handsome is Linc getting?!?!? I thought it was funny that without talking to my sister, he had on the other boy outfit in the Gymboree collection that my three babes had on! Great minds think alike!

We had an amazing Christmas season - sure beats being in the hospital on bedrest like last year! Thank you to both of our amazing families!

Christmas Morning

In true kid fashion, Quin was up at 6:00am! She did fall back asleep long enough for us to feed the babies - thank goodness. After making our way downstairs she was very happy to see that Santa only left crumbs of the cookies that she left for him, and that the reindeer food that she put out on our front step was gone.

I think the anticipation got the best of her. She tuckered out fast. After just a few presents, she was ready to open one, play with it and forget about the rest. I know I will wish for this in the future, but I was slightly bummed that she wasn't ripping through the paper. Next year I am sure she will have a better comprehension of Christmas.

The only thing she asked Santa for was a book. Love that!
Ellery, who is my touchy feely baby, also loved all of the wrapping paper. She actually was better at opening the gifts than Quin was.
Quin LOVES to take pictures! Her Aunt Abbey lets her use her camera to take pictures, and she tries to use my point and shoot. That Santa is such a smart guy! He brought Quin her very own, kid proof, camera! I think she has taken over 400 pictures in the last 24 hours. We have many candid shots of our lower halves, as well as still photos of items around the house :)
Of course the best item under the tree wasn't a gift, it was the wrapping! All four of them loved the textures and the sounds.
I can't wait for Christmas' to come! We had a wonderful family morning - I can't wait to see what the future Christmas' bring!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Time With Quin (Santa!)

This past Wednesday Jason and I were able to spend some quality time with Quin. She spends so much time at home, with the babies. We try to bring her with us whenever possible (which is usually to Target or running up to my school). Jason and I decided to plan a fun and different day out with her.

We started our time together at The Critter Barn - a local "children's education farm". They have a live nativity that we thought would be neat for Quin to see. She now has some confusions about whether Baby Jesus is alive or not and thinks he lives at the 'farm', but she loved that she could see the same things that she has read about in her books. She could point out the baby, Mary and Joseph, the animals and the star.
After the nativity she wanted to look more closely at the stage. They let her hop up and pet the sheep. I was proud of her for going up so closely (with a smile). She also was very interested in the manger.
After the 'show, they also give visitors free range of the farm. Quin loves to read and sing about animals, so she was in heaven to see the real animals up close! She was able to talk to and pet the donkeys, chicks, goats, bunnies, horse and rams. Her all time favorite animal is a duck! She loved touching the ducklings - this one got a big hug and kiss!
I didn't quite think through the order of our trip, because next we went to visit Santa. Hopefully those who were in line near us enjoyed the lovely smell of the farm wafting from us :}
Quin has told us since the beginning of December that she didn't want to talk to Santa - "has too much hair on face". She slowly warmed up to the idea of at least going and waving to him from afar. I wasn't sure what we were in store for, so I had no expectations. While in the short line, she watch cautiously as others went up and sat next to him. We did tell her to at least try and smile and wave at him.
When it came time for Quin to go up, she walked carefully up to him. She stopped short and told Santa through a forced smile "I have nice teeth". I am sure he thought this was a bizarre statement, but he rolled with it making her feel comfortable enough to sit on his bench only inches from him - magical things really do happen around Santa! She told him that she had been a good girl and that she wanted a book (the only thing that she asked for from him - oh I love that!). She didn't last long, but long enough to get a picture. Success!
No trip is complete without food (She and I never eat out, so I loved the excuse). We ended our trip at Wild Chef, a local hibachi restaurant. She loved watching the man cook her food. She has tried more than once to toss food into the air and catch it in her mouth. Just as long as she doesn't try to set fire to our food or twirl utensils on her hand, we will be good :)
Overall, all three of us gave our day together a big thumb up!!!

Sizemore Christmas

Last Sunday Jason's mom, his brothers and their families came to our house to celebrate Christmas. Thanks to them for driving over. It was wonderful to have them here! We had a great time eating, watching the kids play and opening presents (our children were spoiled - thank you!!!)

I was bummed that I wasn't able to get a picture of everyone together.

Ellery loved watching everyone open presents. She even helped a few times. Easton sat on the sidelines, and Gianna slept through the whole thing.

Allyson and Quin opening gifts (Quin didn't stray more than two feet from Allyson the entire time!).
Gianna, Easton and Ellery
Quin had a fabulous time running around, laughing and playing with her cousin Allyson! I think they are two peas in a pod!


As most of you know, I teach first grade (I have one of the best jobs around!!!). A few weeks ago we were hit with a very cold and snowy few days, which meant... snow days! While I love going to school and teaching, I also look forward to snow days and spending time with Quin, Ellery, Gianna and Easton. (I always tell my students that teachers like snow days probably more than they do!)

Snow days equal pajama days, and lounge around the house days.
Even Quin and Easton agreed that it looked cold and yucky outside - you can't tell, but the snow was blowing sideways. Ick!
I had started monkey bread the night before (I was very worried that I was jinxing it), so we enjoyed a yummy gooey breakfast.
I had also gathered some craft items for projects that I wanted to work on over the weekend, so we got to work a few days early. I love anything that has the handprint or footprint of my children. We worked hard, but had a lot of fun, making Santa, reindeer, reindeer heads and angels. Quin loved having her hands and feet painted. Easton and Ellery tolerated each painting, but Gianna hated every moment (I am sure she hopes that I never have a snow day again).
We made reindeer and Santa ornaments out of their hand prints. In the past I have made reindeer gift tags for our Christmas presents. This year I did so with the Santa prints (the middle Santa below).
I made wrapping paper out of the reindeer prints and the angels. I used Quin's foot for the main part of each so that it would be bigger, and the babies' handprints for the wings and antlers. Quin was sooo proud to give the reindeer present to her Gampa Gampa!
Later, Quin decided that she wanted to join Jason outside while he snowblowed the drive. I thought for sure that she would be right back in (it was really cold out!). She stayed out for at least a half an hour.
When I was taking the picture below, she kept asking me if I could see her smile :)
More than once I caught Jason stopping to lean down to Quin's level. When I asked about it, he told me that she would scream to him to stop so that he could give her a kiss. I just love the special bond that they have!
I enjoy every minute that I am home (I don't always say that in the moment, but feel that way when I look back). It is so much fun to have unexpected time to just hang out and have fun with my family!
I think Easton had fun too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

We took the day after Thanksgiving as an opportunity to get our Christmas tree. After much thought, we nixed the idea of taking all four kids to cut down a tree. Instead we took Quin to a lot and chose one that was already cut. Next year should be more interesting.

We decorated the tree in two phases (well, four really - each phase was started with kids, and then finished after bedtime). While putting on the Christmas lights, Quin found these reindeer antlers in a tub. Gianna actually seemed to take a liking to them!
About a week later we took an evening to add the decorations. The babies liked watching as the shiny things were added and Quin was pretty good at placing the ornaments on sturdy limbs (later to be moved a few feet higher on the tree). Our tree is decorated, oh probably only 1/2 way down. We may not even add ornaments next year :) If we hold the babies near the tree, they will reach out and touch the branches. They are not overly interested though. Again, I can't imagine what craziness is in store for us next year with the tree!
Gianna, Ellery, Quin and Easton
Quin and Easton

Mini Me

Between school and home, I don't have to go far to see daily imitations of how I act (not necessarily a good thing - it always cracks me up when I see a student or Quin talking loudly with their hands flying through the air!) It is a daily reminder to watch what I do :)

A few days after decorating the tree, Jason walked in to find Quin posing her special three dolls (Cookie, Howie and Melmo). We just died laughing! She was so serious about it. She was talking to them, trying to prop them up for pretend pictures, fixing their antlers...

She usually has these three scrunched into her stroller, and now smooshed into her shopping cart (they are her version of triplets). She treats them as if they were her very own children!
During one of the recent snow days, I could hear her playing in the front room. As I peaked around the corner, I saw her rocking Howie. She was talking very quietly and calmly, telling him "it's alright, your Quinnie is here. Shhh, it's alright", while giving him little kisses. When she noticed me, she told me "Oh Mommy, Howie is sad, he is cwying". It actually brought tears to my eyes.
About a minute or so later, I peaked again and saw this...
Ha! Looks like Howie quickly turned his 'cwying' around and needs a little talkin' to. Love the hand on the hip - yep, I know where she gets that from!

10 Months

I may have taken a hiatus from posts, but I didn't forget to take pictures. The babies turned 10 months the end of November. I love the diaper pics because you can really see how nicely they are filling out! Easton continues to be the smallest, but he is slowly gaining on his sisters! (He never stops moving, so I am now blaming his petite stature on exercise!)
Ellery, Easton, Gianna

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All they want for Christmas is...

their front teeth!
Christmas wishes came early for the babies :) For about 2 months Ellery looked like this:
She became quite skilled at biting on chilled teething rings while playing!
About the middle of November Ellery got both of her bottom front teeth. I think they grew in over night. She loves to show them off.
About a week later Gianna's front bottom left tooth started to peak up through her gums. It has been the slowest growing tooth ever!
Just last week, Easton's bottom right tooth broke the gums - yay! It is very little and try as I might, I cannot get a picture of it.
Above is Gianna with her little tooth.
Below is Ellery with her cute bottom teeth.
Teeth?!?!? How in the world did my babies grow up so fast????