Monday, February 1, 2010

Triplet's Parrrr-tay (Part #2)

I couldn't have been more pleased (and surprised) at how well Ellery, Gianna and Easton did during their party. It lasted much longer than most one year olds could handle, and they did really well for the most part!
We started off by eating lunch, followed by the 'cupcake smoosh'. The babies really had no idea what to do :) Gianna and Easton have no desire to feed themselves food in general, let alone squishy white stuff. Ellery is obsessed with puffs, but doesn't venture much past that. There weren't tears, so I was happy!
All three babes were very tentative, but did attempt to touch the cupcakes - with a little encouragement from Quin (and the rest of the crowd). Overall, they were not successful in making a mess or eating the cupcakes, but I won't complain about either!
Ellery was the one who ended up with frosting near her mouth. The look on her face said, 'what in the world is this super sweet gunk on my face'.
Gianna managed to flip her cupcake. She looked at us as if to ask, 'well, do you want me to do with it now?!'
Easton was short on patience - he got a handful and held it up for awhile to show that he had in fact touched the cupcake. When we didn't take it away, he barely touched it with his right hand as well.
While the rest of us had dessert, the babies actually took a short nap - what a blessing to help make our day go smoothly. When they woke up it was time for presents. Our friends and family were so generous to the babies! Doesn't the look on Ellery's face tell you that she agrees :) Can't you just read her mind? "Wow!"
In one year old fashion, they didn't really care about the presents - it was about the wrapping paper and bows. They made it look like they opened the presents as a team. Gianna seemed to grab all of the cards and their envelopes.
While, Easton and Ellery took care of unwrapping the presents.
Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts!
We were blessed by a houseful of friends and family!
My sister's son, Lincoln, was such a good sport. The triplet's spent a lot of time on the floor with him. He is growing so fast, and is so stinkin' cute!
My wonderfully supportive friend Meagon and her family were also able to make the party (Meagon is also Gianna's Godmother). Her daughter Ainsley did such a great job keeping Gianna entertained and happy!
Allyson (Jason's brother, Jeff's, daughter) was a great help at the party also! She was wonderful at keeping Quin happy and helping with the babies. Ellery loved sitting on her lap!

Thanks again to everyone who came and helped make our day so special! Thank you also to everyone who emailed birthday wishes to the babies. We are surrounded by amazing people - thank you!

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