Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whale Spouts

Ellery and Gianna's hair is at that horrible in between stage. It doesn't help that they both have beautiful long eye lashes that hit the edge of their bangs - stinks to be them, right?!?! It doesn't seem to bother Ellery nearly as much as Gianna. Gianna blinks or shakes her head to try and get it out of her eyes.
In an attempt to help them, Jason pulled both of their bangs up into whale spouts after baths. They were quite comical! I don't think we will stick with the whale spouts yet, but they sure looked cute while we tried :)
I have to throw this picture in - not great picture quality, but shows how life at our house is right now! After their morning naps, the babies were ready to play (notice the CrAzY hair on the girls - post whale spouts?). It is so much fun to watch the three interact with each other. Now that they are mobile, they can explore/push/pull on each other. Some days they just laugh and laugh at each other. Other days, they scream as soon as another baby gets near. I can't imagine how this love/hate relationship will grow!

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Meagon said...

Can I just say that you have the cutest kids ever! I love, love, love the whale sprouts. The girls ROCK 'em like nothing.