Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break Art Projects

We had some extra time over spring break to do some crafting! I would have loved to have gotten these adorable lambs up at the beginning of March - and added lions, but... there was no time :( The lambs alone are perfect decorations for Easter. Quin couldn't stand the idea of them not having something to stand on, so she added the green hill by using her decorative scissors. Not intentional, but I like how my flash looks like a sun. Hee, hee :)
We also made flowers out of their hands and footprints.

We put them in our front window (instead of our door) and I just could not get a good picture. You can see them well from the road though, and I love how they look from the inside also. Our white paper is so thin, and the paint dries pretty thick, so the flowers shine through to the inside also.
Quin and I usually test out my ideas before I let the babies dive in. I tried a couple of different flowers, one being this tulip. I did not like it when we did it on the paper. Just for fun, I cut it out later and decided it was pretty cute. If you live in Holland, it would be fun to make rows of these during Tulip Time!
These, obviously, are not related to handprints or footprints, but we worked on them at the same time. I first saw them here, and thought they were clever (and cheap!). As I painted their hands with different colors, I painted the inside and outside of toilet paper tubes. I just used regular Crayola washable paint. After they dried I just eyeballed them as I cut them into small circles, and then hotglued them together.

It was hard to get a true picture of them against the lighted windows, but I really like how they turned out!

I also had to add the cutest leprechaun's ever! I hope to make these with my own kiddos next year, but the following two are from my first graders. We made the handprints first and then my students used paper from our scrapbox to make the whole body/head. ALL of them were simply adorable - they added so many details!
I love this one! He decided that his leprechaun had a small beard, and spiky hair - I just love the way first graders think!!!

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