Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SuPeR NaNNy!

I consider Jason my right hand man - I have no idea how this house would function without all of his help!

Close behind him (our left hand woman if you will) is our nanny.

Now first, I need to address the term 'nanny'. I have a very difficult time saying or writing the word {cough, cough} nanny. There is just something that makes me feel like only rich and snobby people have nannies (stereotyping yes - just being honest). I have tried many titles for her: babysitter, sitter, in home daycare provider, woman who comes to our house, caregiver... and nothing can quite describe what her job entails, and how wonderful she is.

I have described her as heaven sent and a goddess though! Both accurate, but probably not everyday appropriate.

The word nanny doesn't quite describe her either, really she is a super nanny! When we began to look for a person to come into our home, I heard a lot of nay-sayers. People were very skeptical of us finding the right person. Many people told me that I was too picky, and it would be very hard to find a quality person to watch our four precious kiddos. It is a tall order! Take care of and entertain three kids under one and a sassy 2 and a half year old?!?!? Makes most people tired just thinking about it! She makes it look easy!!!

The week before Thanksgiving she made this for us:
She came for a few hours the day after Thanksgiving so we could take Quin out to find a Christmas tree. While we were out she made (brought?) blue jello, let each baby play in it, found our camera and took pictures so we wouldn't miss it, and cleaned it up so that I would have never known it was there!
A few weeks ago a large box came in the mail with diapers and presents. I left the box out thinking that they may want to play in it for a little bit. Little did I know that she and Quin would spend a good portion of the day dreaming up an amazing train and work together to make it come to life! Quin was able to tell me all about how they made each part. We had great fun in the train for a few weeks - there was enough space for Quin and a baby, and sturdy enough for Jason to push/pull them around.
Last week she and Quin made and decorated gingerbread cookies (Santa thought they were very yummy!)
We couldn't be more appreciative of all of the work that our 'nanny' does for us and our family! Without her, we would be lost! Thank you to her!

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