Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Fantastic 4th!

We had a wonderful 4th of July with family! We were able to go to my sister Abbey’s house. It was a beautiful day, and we had so much fun hanging out with everyone – especially this happy guy!

My kiddos had a great time playing with all of Lincoln’s toys, eating at his picnic table and running around his backyard! It was hard to get the five of them to sit for any amount of time, let alone all look in the same direction and smile :)
I was able to snap 6 pictures before they looked like this – ha!

We brought along our little splash pad. Linc LOVES water! He was the first in!4th3

It took awhile, but eventually all five kiddos played in or near the water. I have to laugh at the look on Linc’s face :)


As we were leaving, the boys had one final hug. I hope they stay good friends – the boys will need to stick together among all of those girls (my sister is having a girl!).4th5

One last squeeze for my favorite nephew!!!


When we got home it was slightly dark – good enough for some ‘fireworks’ with 2 year olds. We had fun with some ‘Pop Its’. All four kids loved throwing them hard to hear the faint pop.4th7

It wasn’t until after we were done that I noticed the age warning on the top of the box – whoops!4th8

We also stuck a bunch of sparklers in the grass – the kiddos were amused for about 3 minutes. At least we tried!


Quin had asked to stay up and watch the fireworks, so we thought it was worth a shot. Jason stayed home with the babes, while Quin and I ventured out. I took her to a perfect spot that Jason and I went to several years ago. Unfortunately, we could hear the fireworks, but barely could see the top of them even during the finale. The trees must have grown likes weeds!

I was shocked – Quin didn’t really seem to care much. I think she was just happy to be up so late (she never gets to stay up past 8:30 or 9:00). She was a good sport – I think, in part, because she didn’t know what she was missing.

On our way out of town I caught a glimpse of more fireworks in my rearview mirror. I quickly turned around to head back down and found the perfect spot to watch the beach fireworks (without driving out to the beach, or dealing with traffic – score!).

4th of July 2011 183

Quin loved them, but tired quickly.


We had one round of sparklers when we got home.


She was so tired we had to carry her in! I love to see these new experiences through her eyes!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We had a wonderful Father's Day together! A big thanks to my mom for having us over and making a fabulous meal for Jason (and my dad!).
I love the picture above of Jason and Quin! She loves him dearly :)
I tried to get a picture of the him with all four kids, but Easton couldn't even find time to sit with them (he is such a boy!). I wish all three girls were looking.

I am so thankful that my children have a wonderful father who is involved in all areas of their lives - they are so lucky to have him!!!

We made him a framed picture for his office. I saw a list of ideas for Father's Day crafts/activities. One of the items was to make a t-shirt with handprints and a similar saying to that below. I figured it would be equally cute as a framed picture. We made one for my dad and grandpa also. I tried to leave a heart on the palm of their hands - some turned out better than others.

I couldn't agree more with the saying - Jason is definitely the best around!

Bowling Frenzy Part 2

Earlier in the week Quin and I met up with my friends Kelly and Kelly and their kids for our second annual bowling frenzy. We had a great time, and at a low price! If any of you are in need of something cheap do with your kiddos, don't forget about Kids Bowl Free! I love that we bowled two FREE games, and only paid under $3 for the shoes - cheap fun, woo hoo!

Quin was nervous again, but quickly fell into her bowling groove!
I had to chuckle at how big the ball was compared to her :)
She ditched the metal bowling 'helper' after the first few frames, and threw the ball all on her own. She was one tired girl by the time we headed home!

Thanks again to Kelly and Kelly and their broods for meeting us - we had a BALL! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Toddler' T-Ball

Quin just finished up her first 'season' of t-ball... 'toddler t-ball'. I think the name is a little misleading since it was for kids ages 4 and 5. It was, however, a great introduction to the general ideas of t-ball - running the bases, taking turns, hitting and fielding - all with Jason right next to her the entire time. She loved the special time that she was able to spend with her dad. I don't think she was as sold on the entire idea of t-ball itself though. Oh well!

Jason had big plans for her! Unfortunately, she was not a fan of playing out in the field. If Jason wasn't standing next her, I am positive she would have been spelling her name with her foot, sifting the sand or waving at me in the stands ;) Sorry for Jason, but this time the apple didn't fall far from her Momma's tree!

Quin much preferred to hit! The catch... she is too short for their tee. Another dad was creative, and daring, and let her hit off of a helmet that he held. She did much better!

The first part she told me about after the first game... the hand slap line up at the end. She has even had the triplets help her reenact it! GOOD GAME GUYS!

Caterpillar Handprints and Butterflies

WOW - I feel like June flew by! I have no idea where it went (okay I do - finishing school, garage sale, grad class...).
I have loved the time home with my kiddos, and it is even better when the weather cooperates and we can be outside! We have had fun exploring the plants in our backyard, and have found many caterpillars and butterflies (and a bunny and toad). These real life discoveries, and our love for Eric Carle's book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', spurred a new handprint craft!

This isn't a new idea, I have seen it before in teacher print. Quin was adamant that the caterpillar look EXACTLY like the one on the cover. First, we painted just their palms green and red. We then just painted their fingers for the legs and antennas. I let Quin do the eyes and nose to all four caterpillars with her fingertips.

Ellery was excited to match her book to the caterpillars once they were up on our door!

We also took some coffee filters, pipe cleaners, markers and spray bottles and made butterflies. The kiddos started by coloring with washable markers on plain ol' coffee filters.

{Check out Gianna's new accessory... sunglasses! She loves them, and wears them everywhere.}

All four kids fight over the spray bottle that we use to do the girl's hair, so when I found some in the travel section for cheap I knew they would be a hit! I bought one for each kid.

It didn't take long for the filters to dry in the sunlight. Quin and Ellery helped me make the butterflies... Gianna and Easton lost interest, no shocker there ;)

So simple!

Not the best picture - lots of reflections, sorry! (I do love Gianna's face down on the bottom right - 'really Mom, another front door shot')