Monday, September 6, 2010


Last weekend we went to my sister's house to celebrate my nephew's first birthday. I can't believe that Baby Lincoln (as Quin calls him) is a year old. Boy, time flies!
Lincoln can't believe that he is a year old either :)
Quin LOVES her Baby Lincoln, and was excited all week to go and see him. She was a little sad when she realized that there were a bunch of people there, and that she had to share Linc with others ;) She got over it quickly, and had a ball with the other kids there.
Unfortunately, my kids kinda took over opening presents - sorry to everyone who has pictures of their backsides instead of Abbey and Lincoln showing off their new stuff!
Lincoln is such a good baby, and is just so stinkin' cute! He had a monkey themed party, and loved this monkey that his other cousins gave him.
My sister didn't think he would like a cake. She ran out early that morning to get one, more of an after thought than anything. It looked like he may be a dud for the first few minutes.
Well, Abbey walked away and this self declared 'favorite aunt' couldn't let him get away without making a mess. So with a little verbal encouragement, he had a ball with the cake. It ended up flying everywhere, and the cake had two smooshed divots on either side. So fun to watch!
We have loved watching Linc grow and develop over the last year - I can't wait for the next year to come! Happy Birthday to Baby Lincoln!!!

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