Monday, September 6, 2010

Back To...Zoo

Quin and I took our 2nd annual 'Back To... Zoo' trip. Last summer Jason and I brought her to the zoo for the first time as an end of the summer/mom going back to school trip. This summer I got Quin all to myself! Quin loves animals! She has asked on more than a few occasions to go back to the zoo, so I was excited to take her.

Of course, we stopped on our way in and took her picture next to John Ball himself. She wouldn't sit on the sculpture, but would at least hug it (she wouldn't even touch it last year).
She had a definite plan when we went in. She knew which animals she wanted to spend time watching, and which ones were fine with a walk by. After paying the dollar a piece, she wouldn't touch the water that the sting rays were in. And, after waiting in a long line, she wouldn't touch the sea stars (but did like looking at them close up).

I thought I would get away from the water displays, and go for the birds (which I actually thought would be worse). We were able to purchase a food stick that the Budgie birds could sit on and eat from. Quin did a fabulous job!!! She stood very still while a few different Budgie's ate. I remember seeing Budgie's when I lived in Australia, so that in and of itself was a treat for me!
Quin also liked the petting zoo area, and even touched the baby goat all on her own!
The highlight of the day for me was that Quin loved the penguin exhibit! While we were there last year, she fell on the wet ground and split her lip/chin open. Every time she has seen a penguin (t.v, books...) she retells us about how she fell. She was very hesitant to go in the exhibit at first, but after I carried her for a minute she wanted down. The penguins were playing follow the leader under the water and she wanted to see them up close as they raced around. I knew we successfully overcame her fear of penguins when she wanted to make one last trip into the exhibit on our way back out. Yay!
Quin and I enjoyed ice cream as we were leaving. I enjoyed the most heavenly treat - fried cookie dough with ice cream. SO YUMMY! If you happen to make it to John Ball Zoo, I would highly recommend it. Although I will eat it right away next time, so I feel like I am walking it off ;)

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