Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy {Very Belated} Valentine's Day

I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone! Well, actually I do... Most of it was taken up by screaming, whining, coughing, nose wiping, antibiotics... you name it :( I am so happy to report that we are over all of it, for the moment anyways.
(Okay, maybe not the whining, we always have a lot of that - ugh!).

Unfortunately, because of the cold/ear infections we didn't spend a whole lot of time 'feeling the love' of Valentine's Day at our house. The kids all started to get colds a few days before Valentine's, but really started to lose their battles the day before. I saw a picture on line of cinnamon rolls shaped like hearts, and thought they were adorable. I used my regular monkey bread recipe, and rolled them instead of balling them. (We love a good butter/cinnamon/brown sugar weekend treat!). Not even these yummy creations could keep smiles on their faces for long :(
Well... the cinnamon rolls were the one and only thing that we did that day. I had a few more ideas (heart shaped pancakes, pink playdough...) that I wanted to do, but we never got to them :(
It took the kids over a week to get over their colds/ear infections. Oh well, there is always next year!

I did, however, want to get pictures of them in their heart shirts. I had to take the morning off this past week to attend one of their speech therapy appointments. We had an extra hour or so together, so I was able to snap a few shots.

Quin got into her dress up clothes before I could get a picture of her just in heart shirt.
Easton, in action!
Gianna had no interest in a picture. She kept blowing me kisses instead :) She was too busy playing with Quin's little hand held game thinga-ma-jig.
I couldn't resist posting this one of Ellery. She comes across very serious, but once she warms up there is a silly side to her!
We hope that you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

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