Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 Already?!?!

It seems like yesterday that I took the first two pictures!
Quin's 1st birthday
Quin's 2nd Birthday
I spent three days trying to get Quin to take her 3rd birthday picture. I think the terrible 3's settled the morning of her birthday :(
I finally captured this beaut :) Not bad, but not great - I will take it though!
Quin turned 3 years old last Friday, March 5. She has been through quite the ups and downs over the past year or so, but I have been so proud of how well she has adjusted. There are many things about her that haven't changed in the last year. I could probably cut and paste most of my post from her 2nd birthday :) I described her as: sassy, determined, tough, sticks up for herself and outspoken. Yep - still all of those things! She has many moments each day where she is flexing her ability to challenge what we say, and pushing the boundaries. She is also hilarious! I have loved this new stage of Imagination. She has many imaginary friends. I upset her by stepping on their 'food' this morning. She made me take all of her stuffed animals out of her bed last night because they were being 'too loud fighting over food and she couldn't fall asleep'. Before she went to bed tonight she arranged her animals/dolls on books to form a train, and told me that they were going to go for a ride in the morning - I am sure she will take them on quite the adventure.
I love the spice that she adds to our life! She loves her brother and sisters, and they adore her! I wish nothing but a lifetime of happiness for her!!! Happy {belated} birthday to our Amazing Quinners!!!

Her birthday is a perfect example of her letting her opinion be known. All week she had wanted tacos for her birthday. When Jason asked if she wanted to go with him to get her birthday dinner, she refused the tacos and stood her ground for 'french fries'. Now, I have somewhat prided myself on the fact that she has never wanted french fries - she loves fruit and has always chosen apples over fries. So I was a.)shocked that she was demanding them and b.) not quite sure how to react. We did give in, seeing that it was her birthday, but I don't plan on her demands being met with any such enthusiasm again! I hope this isn't a sign of her 3rd year of life.
We ended her birthday meal with a yummy ice cream cake that Jason picked up for her - YUM! What a dad!

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