Sunday, April 17, 2011

Girls Day Out

So maybe it wasn't an actual day, more like a few hours, but... it was 'girls only' and we were definitely 'out'! Quin, Gianna, Ellery and I met up with my fab friend Meagon and her equally fab daughter, Ainsley. The six of us went to see the performance of 'The Aquatic Adventures of Johnny Starfish and the Mermaids', put on by the Grand Rapids Ballet. The performance was perfect - short and sweet, with great costumes and music. Very entertaining - all three of my girls loved it. That is saying a lot! Quin and Ainsley hanging out before it began: Gianna playing with Meagon (also her God Mommy!)
So, seriously... not a good picture. All three girls were done sitting and wanted nothing to do with pictures.
Before the performance, they had activities for the kids to enjoy. Quin made a fish out of a paper plate, but wouldn't try any of the outfits/hats on (she said that there were too many people watching - Lord help me at her dance recital next month when she has to stand up in front of people and dance!). Anywho... they still had all of the costumes in the lobby after the show and she was more than eager to try them on then (the crowds cleared quickly when the show was over). She loved the pink frilly ballet costumes.
Gianna wouldn't try anything on, but she loved touching the hats.

I was surprised, but Ellery was happy to try the hats on. Way to go Elle!
A big thank you to Meagon for suggesting that we go! And, a big thank you to Ainsley who puts up with my kids :) We love you both!!!

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