Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Made a Break For It!

Once I realized that my kids could do this: and this:
with their cereal, I knew we could venture out for an overnight adventure! Woo Hoo! This is the family fun I have been waiting for ;)

We took advantage of my spring break, and took our awesome foursome to Double JJ Ranch. We went for two nights, which was perfect for a first time away as a family of six. We went the first night on our own - and had a ton of fun navigating our way around the place and spending time in the waterpark! Our suite was sweet! (sorry, couldn't resist) It had a full kitchen which was perfect - we made breakfast and lunch right there, and didn't have to worry how the kids would act/what they would eat.
It also had a large living room (we quickly had to do some kid proofing).
There were also two large bedrooms and two bathrooms. All four kids slept in one room. Each of the triplets had their own pack and play (they couldn't climb out of them - thank goodness!). And Quin slept on a futon. It was perfect - one big sleepover :)

{Sidenote: My only complaint (for anyone who is considering staying there) was that the doors to the hall and decks didn't have tall deadbolts or chain locks. The dead bolts were built into the door handle, so our kids couldn't easily get out whenever they wanted - kinda scary!}
The master bedroom has a jacuzzi tub within feet of the bed - Quin thought that was hillarious! All four kids loved to take their baths in there. Quin would beg for us to turn on the 'rockets' (jets).
The second day, my parents (GiGi and Popa) joined us for the day. My sister Abbey, her husband Kirk and their little guy Lincoln also joined us for the second day and night. It was nice to have extra hands at the waterpark, and extra playmates.

I couldn't resist adding this picture of Gianna sitting on GiGi's lap. She is soo happy!
Easton HATED the water - no way around it. We went to the waterpark three seperate times. It took him at least 45 minutes each time to warm up. And even then, all he wanted to do was go down the little slides and splash water at others.

He loved being out of the water though!
All that stress really tired him out!
Quin had a blast!
The next two pictures aren't great, but I was afraid of dropping my camera in the water (I totally wouldn't put it past me!). Both Gianna and Ellery loved the water. Both girls liked floating on their bellies and 'walking' around on their hands in the shallow end.

Another horrible picture, but one I had to add. I just need to document how long and lanky Ellery is! There were some major recessive genes working together the day God made her! It cracks me up. I wouldn't be surprised if she is the tallest one in our family some day.
We went out to dinner with everyone - and Lincoln kept us all entertained! I just love this face!!! After checking out of the hotel, we mosied on over to the 'Back Forty' where there was a petting farm, horse riding, and other activities. All of the kiddos loved the animals.

Easton may not like the water, but he does LOVE animals. No matter where we go, he is always drawn to animals (and they seem to love him right back!).
We had lunch with Abbey, Kirk and Lincoln before we left. We ate at a little bar, with fighting 'cowboys' and everything. I was so happy that the three of them could join us on our get away. I am hoping that this is only the beginning of our 'family' trips together!

Ellery and Lincoln did some high fiving while we waited for our food.

We had a great time away! I love seeing my four grow up, and become such good friends. There was a lot of hand holding as we made our way through crowds (Quin is really good at looking out for the babes!). My favorite is when they hold hands when they don't need to (this was in an open pasture).

I can't wait for many more getaways with my awesome foursome (and Jason too!).

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