Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter 2011

First - I had to share this adorable, and versatile, craft that Quin made at three-school! It is a layer of tissue paper on the bottom, different cut outs/glitter/streamer pieces... and then a layer of contact paper on top. Simple, but cute! She loved making it, and asked if we could make another one at home. I also like the opaqueness of the tissue paper - great on the fridge or in a window.
We had a wonderful Easter, spending quality time together as a family - always my favorite time!!!
Before breakfast we had our annual egg hunt. Competitive Quin was out for all of the eggs. She loved searching for them (loved it a little TOO much).

Ellery gave her a run for her money though! (atta girl!)

Ellery even found her own egg :)

All three of the babes kept clinking the eggs together, as if they were mini symbols... We had more than a few eggs with cracks by the end of the hunt.

To no ones surprise, the egg hunt didn't hold Easton's attention past the first few finds. He cared more about the baskets!

And, the shredded paper confetti in the baskets!

Gianna also found a few eggs before she discovered the books in the baskets. She was totally enthralled with the books, she forgot what the others were doing.

Later we made our way over to my parents house. I felt as though I took a ton of pictures, but only a few turned out well. The day had so much action and fun that no body wanted to look at the camera.

Easton spent a good portion, after eating, with his bib flipped around. SUPER EASTON!

Gianna and Ellery rocking together.

When we came home I tried {unsuccessfully} to snag a few bunny ear/flower headband pictures.



Easton ('What?!?! You want these on my head?!?!? NOOOOO')

And poor Gianna was my biggest bust of the evening - check out those tears. Every time the ears would get near her, she would rip them from my hands and throw them across the floor. Hopefully she isn't traumatized by bunny ears forever :(

We will give it a go next year!

I hope you all had a wonderful, and blessed, Easter!

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