Friday, May 6, 2011

March of Dimes Update

We had a wonderful time last weekend walking to support The March of Dimes!
A big thank you to everyone who donated! We were able to raise $960!!! The company that Jason works for matches their employee's donations 3:1 (they match three times of the one donation). This definitely helped us, and our cause - what an amazing gift from them. THANK YOU!!!

Gianna and I before the walk :)
I didn't realize that a good portion of the 3 miles was on unpaved roads. It wasn't the most comfy ride for the kids (I will plan different stroller methods next year!), but they were troopers. They enjoyed people watching, but were a little tired of being strapped in at the end of the walk.

Check out the look on Quin's face! What could make one grumpy 4 year old, even more grumpy??? People dressed up as mascots!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any great pictures of the four kids together, but none the less... a great time for a great cause. Thanks again everyone!!!

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