Friday, June 10, 2011

One Fine Face

That was the name of the song that Quin danced to for her big dance recital. And boy - even after applying enough makeup on her to make a street girl jealous (and more makeup than I wear in a month) - I think my Quinners had more than just a 'fine' face! :)

Quin had her big dance recital a few weeks ago - and she did as well as expected.
Her nerves were on a roller coaster the week before. Because she really had no idea what to expect, I think it was more a fear of the unknown.
She struggled at the dance rehearsal, watching her teacher off stage instead of doing the routine. She only did about a third of the dance.
There were two performances - one Friday night and the second Saturday morning. She did increasingly better each time.
By Sunday morning she was in full tears because she couldn't go 'dance on the stage anymore!'.
I was so proud of her! She did a great job - especially for her first stage performance!

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Ami said...

She IS adorable! I soo look forward to those days!! Thanks for sharing!!