Saturday, October 22, 2011


This one has been waiting in my editing pile for awhile! :(

Wayyyy back at the end of August, we took our whole crew into Grand Rapids for the car cruise.  Before the triplets were born, Jason parked his Camaro and took part in quite a few of the cruise offerings.  Needless to say, we haven't been able participate a whole lot since the babes have been born!
The weather was perfect this year, so we decided to at least drive down and park in a parking lot to watch the cars drive along 28th street. 

Quin has her own ear muffs that help make the sound more tolerable.  She loves driving with Jason, but hates the loud engine. 
The triplets and I followed Quin and Jason.  I love how you can see the top of Quin's head :)  People always get a kick out of her booster in the backseat.
 We made a pitstop for food - Quin wanted to stay in her seat even though Jason went in to grab our dinner.
Easton LOVED all of the cars and trucks!
 The girls... well, they enjoyed their picnic.

Hee, hee  Jason had to reshine his car before we took off.  I thought the kid prints were cute - he thought otherwise ;)

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