Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Yesterday we were blessed to celebrate my Grandfather’s 83rd birthday! He is my only living grandparent, so I cherish the time that I am able to spend with him. ‘Gampa Gampa’, as Quin calls him, is so full of life. He continues to work part time, actively bowls and golfs, and does all of the upkeep on his home. Grandpa is an inspiration to others around him! He is a wonderful and caring man. When I did the first half of my student teaching I lived part of the time with him and my grandmother. He would offer to do my wash and ironing, always made sure I had enough to eat, double checked that I did my homework, offered to help put materials for lessons together… When Jason worked in Lansing, Jason would sometimes stay over at Grandpa’s if the weather was nasty or if there was an early meeting (instead of making the hour and half drive in the morning). I love the thought of the two of them sitting in the living room, having a drink and watching the Spartans together! Grandpa loves my kids. It is such a treat to see him play with Quin, and entertain and hold the babies. I hope to have many more blessed years with him! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

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