Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Outdoor Chefs

I love that we are able to spend more time outside this summer (although I look forward to even more time next summer!). One area that gets lots of play time is the outdoor kitchens. Grandma Sizemore gave Quin an extra kitchen that she has loved to play with both last summer and this summer. Jason scored a free refrigerator and stove/microwave set from the side of the road a few days ago - perfect to play with outside!

Quin enjoys playing in the kitchen area by herself, but she really likes it when the babes play with her. They watch her every move and play along with all of her tea parties, dinners and woodchip toastings. She is {usually} a good sport, even when they mess up her 'food'.
See as they stop what they are doing to watch her every move.
Two minutes later Ellery is over at the stove pushing every button that Quin had just touched. At least for now - imitation is a form of flattery :)

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