Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Summer Pictures

We have had amazing luck with photographers! Since Quin's birth, we have had our pictures taken by four different people and all four were fabulous.

I was hoping to have our pictures taken at the beginning of the summer, but was sidetracked by Easton's surgery. By the time I had contacted Tammi (of More Than Words Photography) she was booked into August - yikes! Great for her, not for us!

While in a slight panic, I remembered the adorable studio that we often walk past in downtown Zeeland, and had heard great things about. I contacted Marc Photography and they were able to take our pictures a few weeks ago - phew! We couldn't have been happier with the pictures - Love them! Tiffany and Andrew both came to the session, and were super patient with us. We were two clicks into our time and Easton fell off of a bench - bloody lip and all, poor guy! He recovered rather quickly, but it still could have been a disaster. Quin also wasn't her most cooperative self (shocker, I know!) but they still rolled with it. I am so grateful to them for the beautiful pictures of our family. It was so hard to pick just a handful to share on the blog!
Check out their website at They take beautiful wedding pictures also!
Ellery - I love her eyes in this picture!
My happy Gianna
I think this picture captures Quin perfectly.
I think this one is cute too. Quin is entering the phase of fake smiles that is very well known in my family :)
The kids cooperated enough that Jason and I were able to have a few taken of just the two of us. I don't think that has happened since our wedding.
Thanks again Tiffany and Andrew (of Marc Photography)!!!

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