Thursday, August 19, 2010

We've Got a Bowl-a

Yesterday Quin and I met up with two of my favorite teacher friends, and their kids. We love to meet up with them for playdates - between the three of us, we have 11 kids. Makes us chuckle :) The babes stayed home, so it was just 8 kids for this outing.

We went to and printed out coupons for two free games of bowling. All we paid for were these bad boys!
I actually thought the shoes were quite stylin', and don't you love the carpet! :)

We had our bowling outing planned for a little over a week. Every time I would talk to Quin about it, she told me that she didn't want to go and for sure wouldn't bowl. She even tried hiding behind a car in the parking lot on our way in. Who knows why! I told her all she had to do was watch her friends.

Wouldn't ya know it! Within the first round or two, here she was...

Carrying her ball up there, and giving a big shove! The handy bowling ball stand thingy, and the gutter blockers were key!!! She ended up having a blast!
Poor Mathew! The only boy of today's group. He and Quin were so cute together - wouldn't they make adorable prom dates in about 13 years :)
The main attraction at the bowling area??? The candy machine. Really?!?!?! The draw of candy must be universal, and those machine companies know it :)
Thanks to Kelly and Kelly for meeting up with us - Quin and I always have a good time!

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Jill said...

Your kiddos are so cute! My triplets are a few months older than yours. This a fun, but challenging age, isn't it?