Saturday, October 2, 2010

Annual Apple Outing

We took advantage of the sunshine last weekend, and went on our annual trip to the apple orchard. Quin was so excited to see all of the apples growing on the trees. She loved spotting the full trees and pointing our strollers into the right direction. She got the hang of tipping the apples up so the bottom went towards the sun - I think she picked more apples than Jason and I combined! What a great helper!
And, of course, she had to taste test 'just one'! Her favorite... the Cortland.
We were once again quickly reminded of what a difference a year can make! Last year the triplets spent most of the time in the triplet stroller, and weren't able to sit up for pictures.
This year when they weren't in the strollers, they were running in three different directions picking apples off of the ground!
I can't wait until next year when we can ditch the strollers and take wagon rides and let the kids ride on the 'cow train'.
Ellery was so excited to find a ladder, and wasn't afraid to use it!
Gianna collected the most apples from the ground - yuck! She had a great time though!
All Easton wanted to do was eat one! He kept looking from the apple to me, and then back to the apple.
He finally dug in and loved it!
Quin and I will be using the apples tomorrow to make apple crisp, yummy!!!

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