Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Those Eyes!

Last week we had check ups for the triplet's eyes with the pediatric opthamologist. For Ellery and Gianna, it has been a year since their last appointments. Because of Easton's surgery last June, he has had his eyes checked - but needed to go back for a check on his sutures.

All three have made good improvements. All three remain farsighted, but that seems to be somewhat expected for small children. Easton is at .5 unit and Gianna is at 1 unit - which are both improvements over last year. The doctor doesn't seem to be worried about either of their eye sight, and assumes that the farsightedness will subside. They don't have to go back until next fall. Ellery was at 4 units last year, and is now at 2 units. He was happy about the improvements, but still thinks that she may need glasses in the future. (I am just happy it isn't right now - trying to keep glasses on her may be close to impossible!). She will need to have her eyes rechecked in 6 months.

On the subject of eyes... When we are out and about with the babes, one of the things that is a topic of many conversations is their eye color. I have complete strangers approach me to make comments. Most comments are very nice. Although Jason and I both have brown eyes, we both have parents/grandparents with green and blue eyes. Ellery gets the most comments by far - her eyes are absolutely gorgeous!

Gianna also has beautiful blue eyes. When I have Gianna out alone, people always comment on her eyes! The shape of her eyes are different than Ellery's, but both girls actually have the same color eyes. Easton on the other hand has dark brown eyes - almost black! They are stunning in their own way. (This picture was taken before he had the dermoid cyst removed.)
Quin has brown eyes, but when she wears green - they definintley have a green undertone.
I love how the our two sets of genes can produce such beauty!!!

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