Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cards - Decisions, Decisions

Last year I made adorable, customized photo calendars from Shutterfly for our immediate family. I loved how easy it was to upload and select my own photos to add to their huge variety of photo collage layouts. It was simple (which I love), and they turned out beautifully. Here is how ours looks (ignore the mess on the actual calendar part!) Shhh... I will be making them again this year! I love that the 'old' photos that I uploaded from last year are still in my account. As I work on the 2011 calendars, having quick access to the old photos will make it that much easier to mix the old with the more recent pics to make gorgeous new calendars.

Since I loved how the calendars turned out, I have been checking out (or maybe obsessing over) Shutterfly's beautiful Christmas Photo cards. I love how you can select card previews based upon the number of photos you want to add. I am especially partial to the cards that allow space for one larger photo and four small photos. I like to include a large family pictures, and then showcase individual pictures - on the front of the card. They have some beautiful choices!
The first one that I am loving is:
Another that I love is:
I don't know how I will make the choice :{

If I can't decide soon, I may just have to send out New Year cards instead :)

Shutterfly has wonderful prices, and you can buy them in as large or as little quantity as you like!

And... if you are a blogger, they have a great deal for you!!! Head over here and check out their opportunity to earn 50 free cards! What is better than free?!?!?
*This post is part of Shutterfly's 50 free card deal ;)

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Lesa said...

Love Love Shutterfly! I'm sure your cards are very hard to do with such gorgeous pics!