Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween! (Just a little late)

Elvis, I mean Lincoln, entered our building during the day! We love to have him come and visit us. He looked so cute in his costume, and even had blue 'suede' shoes for the actual night.
Quin loves it when her 'Baby Lincoln' comes to visit. She can't keep her hands off of him. It is also fun to see how the triplets interact more with him each time he comes to visit.

Abbey and I took on the task of trying for a Halloween picture - to no avail. This is the best :(
Later that night, Quin had a ball trick or treating! She met up with her best bud, Izzy, and they roamed the streets together. Okay, it was only a few houses, but Quin loved every minute of it.
Besides getting the candy, Quin loved eating the candy, seeing the costumes and handing out the candy.
While she was gone, they babes and I handed out candy. The triplets thought it was great fun to see all of the kids too. This is how everyone was greeted at our house.
I was just happy I didn't have any of my animals escape from our zoo!
I was shocked at the volume of kids this year! The most we have ever had was 500. I bought over 450 pieces this year, and we were completely out with more than an hour left of trick or treating hours. I raided the stash of candy that Jason hid before I started passing out candy, and even raided Quin's bag for a few treats when she wasn't looking.
I felt horrible! I had to post this sign on our door :(
Watch though - next year I will buy for more kids, and have less. Just the way it is!

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