Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Live in a Zoo!

Jason's mom always tells people that we live in a 'Gated Community'. Sounds so posh, right?!?!
Unfortunately, when you take a look at the gates within our 'community' you realize that we live with hooligans, no, it is more like animals!
Given the constant chaos, playing, running, yelling... at our house, it was only perfect that our Halloween theme be zoo animals! Quin actually came up with the idea when she and I visited the zoo a few months ago. She originally wanted to be a penguin, but we struggled to find a cute and somewhat realistic penguin costume. Her second choice was a kangaroo!
Quin also had the triplets costumes picked out by the time we had left the zoo. She thought Ellery should be a giraffe.
She thought Gianna should be a bear, but again - we found it hard to find a cute and realistic bear costume. Quin's second choice for G was a lion.
And of course, she chose a monkey for Easton.
I have to give her credit for her choices! Each costume choice was very believable, and with good reason :) Ellery is by far the tallest, Gianna loves to cuddle and has quite the roar, and Easton never stops climbing.
Gianna wasn't a big fan of her costume and was in quite a tizzy about the head piece (I can't say I blame her). Easton took full advantage, and thought it would be a great time to tweak her nose! Nothing like a tormenting your older sisters ;)
Everywhere you turn in our house, there are gates - I am sure they feel like caged in animals. They love to hang on them (evident on the above gates), and they love to try to push through this one!
Just in case you didn't believe me - Easton LOVES to climb! There was no encouragement here!

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