Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Dinner

So... my babies turned 2 yesterday... {sniff, sniff, big sigh!}

As sad as their growing up is for me, I do love that they are getting old enough to go out to eat - woo hoo! We have taken them out to very low key places to eat (think sub places, pizza places, local hamburger dive...), but never a 'sit at a high chair, eat off of your own plate and behave' kinda place. Before we had the triplets, we loved going out to eat. That is one of the few things that I miss about my 'pre-kid' life, but we are slowly getting back there.

To celebrate the triplet's birthday, we went out to eat!!!
We chose to go to Red Robin. All of my kids love french fries, the place is loud and the staff usually does a great job when we take Quin there. We weren't disappointed. The food and the staff were great, and the babes did a fantastic job! My parents, my grandpa and my Uncle David joined us.

Easton was excited to see us all from his 'head of the table' position.
It totally helped that they had presents to open while we waited for the food. I hope they don't expect presents every time we eat out now ;)
Dinner was great, but... the big highlight was that the staff sang Happy Birthday and each of the babes got their own ice cream sundae. YUM! They loved every drop of them!

The people watching, french fries, presents, sundaes were all good, but what did the girls love the most??? The Balloons!
Ellery was so distracted with her balloon that she almost didn't eat all of her sundae. Good thing she caught the waiter as he was trying to take it away!
My dad, Popa, and Gianna
Ellery never let the balloon get more than 6 inches away from her, leading to the most static electricity hair that I have ever seen on a 2 year old! Poor girl has fine, crazy hair to begin with, she didn't need help from the balloon ;)
When we got back to the house, I was hoping for a picture of all three kids and me. No such luck! Good thing I can count on Gianna for some lovin'!
Quin had some ups and downs when it came to the focus being on the triplets, and not on her. She handled it well for being only three! She did want to play with all of their presents the moment we got home though!
Thank you to my parents, Grandpa and Uncle David for the gifts and helping us at the restaurant! It was a great way to spend their birthday!

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