Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to the Zoo, Again!

The past two summers we have taken Quin to John Ball Zoo. It is a wonderful zoo that is within 25 minutes of our home. We thought we would venture a little farther from home this year for our annual zoo trip – and take all four kids. We drove to Binder Park Zoo. What a spectacular zoo and well worth the extra drive time! My pictures don’t pay it justice! We should have left the strollers in the car – they were only good for carrying my bag. The kids walked the entire time, and we were there for five hours! The zoo is that wonderful (I know I was happy to sit down when we finally left!) By the time they were buckled in they were screaming mad – both from wanting to stay longer and exhaustion. It ended up being a quite and peaceful ride home though!

The highlight of our trip was the giraffe exhibit! I don’t think it is often that all six of us experience something at the same time, that is new to all of us. Feeding giraffes was one of those times! It was so neat to see the giraffes up close, and their tongues – so fascinating!

The kids were unsure of this ginormous animal, but warmed up after awhile.



I love how it looks like this giraffe is yelling at them for more crackers :)giraffe4

Here is the giraffe deck. I thought is was neat to take a look back at it, from the next deck. We were on the side where the baby giraffes stood. What neat animals!giraffe7

They have two separate areas, separated by a long walk or a tram ride. We opted for the tram ride, and the kids had a ball, although waiting in line to catch the trams was close to unbearable. I got a glimpse into what our lives will be like in the future at a Disneyland type of park. Good thing we have a few years before they will be asking to go!


What a great family day to celebrate the summer!

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