Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Own Night Light

I took a short photo class this summer (thanks Mom and Pop!). We had homework to take pictures with different settings, and I thought this would be a great experiment to try and photograph. Both the dark room with the glow-jar, and the fast movement of jar made it trickier than I thought to photograph, but you can get the gist from the photos!

Oliver horse show 097

I saw this idea all over the web this summer, so I’m not sure where it originated. There were a couple different versions that I read. To make our jars glow I used left over glowsticks. I carefully cut off the end of a large glowstick, making sure that it was in the jar as I made the final cuts. The liquid oozed out into the jar. It glowed from the get go, but became more vivid as the kids shook the jar, and it glowed for quite some time! My kiddos LOVED them! Quin even took one to bed as a night light. She still asks if we can make them again! I’m thinking they might be cool to try again at Halloween – you could even make the jar into a jack-o-lantern face and use an orange glowstick. So many possibilities!!!


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