Monday, January 2, 2012

Aquino Christmas 2011

After our morning at home, we went over to my parents house!  We were so excited to see everyone there!
Ellery and Easton were all smiles with baby Isadora!
Quin couldn't stay away for long...
Five out of six kiddos were ready for the picture... Gianna needs a lot of time to warm up to situations.  It was still too early for her to mingle and smile... silly girl!
I love watching Lincoln with all four of our kids!  He gets along so well, and they all love him so much.  He and Ellery were two peas in a pod.  They loved playing with all of the toys.
Easton was still really confused.  All he wanted to do was play with this toy.
Quin loved helping pass out the presents, as well as open them!
My Uncle John got in to the toy fun with the kid.
Miss Isa... our Santa baby!
After dinner, all five kids seemed to quickly... and quietly... disappear.  Quin had set up chairs in the den for school.  She was reading a story, and teaching the letter "p".  I love the look on Gianna's face.  And, the first rule that teacher Quin needs to learn is to not put the trouble maker in the back row ;)
And, as quickly as it snuck up on us...Christmas is gone.  I love this season, and the time that I get to spend with my kiddos.  I just love them!

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