Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Morning Tradition

I love traditions! One of my favorite family tradition growing up was to help usher in the new year. On the morning of New Year's there would be a present or two waiting for us under the Christmas tree. (New Year's day was always 'take down the tree and decorations day' - also something I have continued into adulthood). The New Year presents were from my parents, and always of the practical sort - something to welcome the new year, and to use throughout the year. I remember getting flannel sheets, a pre-snuggie type of blanket that buttoned into a housecoat, pajamas... My sister and I thought this was something that all families did, until we tried to compare presents with some friends. I think the fact that it was started for us, by our mom, makes it that much more special! Thank you Mom!

This is one tradition that I have continued with my children! It was fun to see Quin do a double take when I told her to check under the tree. I think Christmas had too much of a build up for her this year - she wasn't sure what to expect and became overwhelmed. This morning, she went with the flow. She was excited to pass out the presents to each of the babies, and seemed to really appreciate the presents. Each child received two sets of pajamas in their next size up, as well as a toy. Quin opened a pretend bottle and diaper set for her baby dolls. The triplets will share a few different teething rings and stacking cups.

Just another tradition that I hope will forge wonderful childhood memories for my amazing children! I wish them the very best in the year to come!

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