Thursday, April 5, 2012

January - Snowy Fun

What?!?!?  It has been slightly over three whole months since my last post... well, um, yeah... I have no idea how that happened...  I guess I am chalking that one up to 'Time flies when we are having fun' (and are busy!).  It is my hope to catch up before school starts again, so bear with me as you are inundated with posts the next few days.  I promise that it will slow down again after spring break - ha!

We had the craziest winter.  It hovered around freezing for most of the winter, so we had very little snow that hung around long enough for the kids to play in  :(  The kiddos were disappointed!  They got new sleds for Christmas and were only able to use them once.  {The lack of snow didn't disappoint me though - all of the below pictures... taken from inside the house!}

Gianna and Easton ready to go out.
 All four kids have their own shovels and started out really shoveling away.
 Within a few minutes though, shoveling gave way to snow angels :)
 After the driveway was cleared, they had fun pulling each other (that is Ellery pulling Quin!)
 Jason kept moving snow to the end of the driveway and pulling/pushing them down the hills. (This was at the beginning of his piling) They had a blast!  They will surely be ready for the big hills next winter!
 So Gianna, is not a snow lover either (that's my girl!)... she only lasted a few trips down the little hills.  She was as happy as a clam watching and waving from inside!
My excuse for 'having' to stay inside is to be the official hot chocolate maker!  I saw salted caramel hot chocolate online and HAD to try it.  I warmed milk on the stove, and added a few spoon fulls of Nutella until is melted.  Once the hot chocolate was ready, I added a spoonful of caramel and a smidge of salt.  It was all by taste - but if you like this combo, you could figure it out!  SOOO YUMMY!
Mmmm... I may have to try these 'iced' too :)

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