Sunday, August 5, 2012

June/July - Butterflies

Two summers ago Quin and I 'raised' butterflies - and she talks about it often!  Now that the triplets are the same age she was then, I thought it would be a great summer project to repeat.  All four kids LOVED watching the process.  I missed pictures from the caterpillar to chrysalis stage - oops!  
They 'hatched' over a few days, so it was neat to see the 'older' butterflies become strong fliers, while the new guys really took a lot longer to move around the netted home.  
No surprise, Gianna (who is my butterfly lover) couldn't get enough of them!

When we were ready to let them go, all five of the butterflies lined up along the top edge.  I thought for sure the moment the top was lifted they would all take off.

Three of them did!  Gianna was amazed, and somewhat afraid, to see them fly.
The last two butterflies hung around for quite awhile.  We loved watching them with the top off.
Quin and Easton lost interest fast, but Ellery and Gianna stuck with the last two.  
This picture makes me smile!  Gianna took the 'microscope' from our playset and tried to spy the fly-aways. She makes me laugh!
This is one project that never gets old.  I love it every time!

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