Monday, July 16, 2012

June - Balloon Fest

My sister has bugged us for years to come to the annual hot air balloon festival in Howell (She and her husband have lived in Howell since they have been married.)  This was the first year that I felt that our crew could handle it, and I am so happy we made the trip!

We started out at the festival/fair in the afternoon.  We enjoyed kite and dare devil shows, food and rides!
I am lovin' Baby Isa's toothy grin :)
Lincoln woke up early to see the sunrise balloon launch, and was a little tired by the time we arrived.
My kids had cotton candy for the first time, and they are quite smitten with it!  Quin wanted to know why I had never let her have it before now... "it is so yummy, it tastes just like sugar!" was the first thing she said... All I could respond with was, "Um, ya think?!?!?"
It was a hot day, so we pulled the kids in the choo-choo.  My sister saw first hand how much attention we get when we pull it.  She was shocked.  I try hard to take it all in stride, but it does get a little old.  
There was a woman who stopped us, and couldn't believe that we had "real, live triplets".  She went on and on about how she had never "seen such a thing - real live triplets!".  She kept asking to take their picture.  It always amazes me that people really want to take their picture. (This happens more often than you would think!)  I forget that we are different than other families... it is just so normal to me.  I try to smile when it happens!
The Jeep ride was by far the kids favorite!  We have always laughed that Quin is going to be a Jeep girl!  I have a feeling that this is going to be recreated in about 11 years - SCARY!

After we left the fair we went back to my sister's house.  She has the perfect set up to see the night launch of the hot air balloons.  We were able to sit in her backyard and watch the balloons fly!  

I love this picture of Gianna and Quin!
Gianna loved the balloons.  Each time a new one started to float above the tree line, she would turn around and tell me!
The kids sat on a picnic table and watched them launch.
After the balloons began to float away, we tried to 'chase them' through the neighborhood.  
Ellery loved trying to see the balloons with her "nockulas".  
A huge thank you to Abbey and Kirk for having us over!  We can't until next year!!!

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