Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Fun in the Tub

Jason and I were able to give the triplets baths this weekend. We expected to do a sponge bath with each, but the nurse filled up the tub and let us have at it! I was surprised that it was okay to have each of them out in the open air, while being wet, but now that they have gained weight it was alright for the short amount of time.

Ellery cooperated at first, but quickly realized that this really wasn’t that much fun.

Gianna slept through most of the bath.

Easton squirmed the entire time!

Ellery continues to do well with her feedings. They have okayed her to try a bottle twice a day (once during each nurse shift). On average she is drinking about a third to a half of her bottle. On Friday, she drank a whole bottle. It takes a lot out of her though, so it is important for her to build her stamina. Easton seems to have had less D-SAT episodes over the past few days, so we are hoping that he is growing out of them. D-SAT and apnea episodes continue to hinder Gianna’s progress. She also continues to go back and forth between needing the nasal (oxygen) cannula and being able to go without this additional help. We are hoping that she too will soon begin to grow out of the D-SAT/apnea episodes!


ab said...

I just love these little pictures. They are adorable!

Ange said...

How fun! I am amazed at how well they are all doing!

leah said...

Looks like the babies are doing well. The pictures are great! What cuties.