Sunday, February 1, 2009

NICU, Day 4 - And so they meet!

Today was Quin’s long awaited debut at the NICU. She was so excited to see her new sisters and brother. She has been working on saying Ellery and Easton’s names as they are a bit easier for her to say than Gianna. She was very interested to see the babies, and attempted to kiss them each. Once we brought Quin to each of their isolates, she could only say “more babies”. The nursery has 8 babies total in the room and Quin wanted to peak at all of them. Of course, 3 babies are enough for mommy and daddy. As soon as they come home, I am sure she will change her tune and want us to bring them back.

Gianna has been doing great with her breathing, so they actually took her off the ventilator and back on the CPAP. They did this while we were there this morning, so we were able to see her face for the first time without the hoses/tubes. Here is a picture that we were able to snap after they took out the ventilator, and before putting the CPAP back on.

Easton is still doing well on his ventilator and was taken off his bililight. This gave us one of our first opportunities to see his eyes.

Ellery continues to be the champ. She may be the smallest, but is still breathing on her own.

Joelee will be discharged tomorrow (Monday). We will spend most of the day in the NICU with the triplets, but look forward to going home to spend some much needed time with just the three of us!


ab said...

I'm so excited! May I just say these are the 4 most adorable children I have EVER seen! And, seriously: how adorable is the picture of Quinner smashing her face into the isolate?! Classic Quin!

I'm so happy we were able to meet the babies and see you guys today. We love all 6 of you so much.

ab (kirk, too)

The Grotenhuis' said...

What beautiful little miracles!! We continue to pray for your family, and hope you enjoy some great quality time with Quin these next days!! Megan wondered if you were going to bring the babies to school soon :-) I told here they have lots of work to do getting stronger first!! She misses you, and is very happy for you!!

Meagon said...

Love Quin's squished face! Looking forward to meeting them this week.

leah said...

Love the pictures. Quin looks like she is loving looking at the babies. Glad to hear about the progress. Enjoy your own bed at home! :)

Amber said...

I just LOVE the pics of Quin. What an amazing journey you are all on. We prayed for the babies and you all this morning on the drive to school. Love and miss you!

Ange said...

They look beautiful, and sounds like they are doing great! Glad you will be able to spend some time at home now, I am sure Quin is missing you! We will keep continue praying for good health for all!

beautifulsue said...

OMG, the pic of Quinn looking at her sisters and brother are so cute. She just looks so excited and wide eyed! All of your children are beautiful, what blessings for you both. Good to hear you get to go home Joelee, enjoy your time with Quinn before the other 3 arrive!!! Continuing to pray for all of you.
xo, s