Sunday, February 8, 2009

Three's Not a Crowd (Yet!)

From left to right: Ellery, Gianna, Easton

Much to our delight, we were able to ‘hold’ all three of the triplets at the same time today. The nurses pushed Easton and Gianna’s incubators close together, and put Ellery on a movable monitor. Easton and Gianna were both oxygen free, which made this a much easier task. With his legs kicked up on a recliner and pillows on his lap, they placed all three babies on Jason’s lap. He was in heaven (and they looked like they felt the same way!). Easton and Gianna slept almost the entire time. Ellery was a hoot to watch – she kept peeking over at Gianna as if to say ‘Hey, I thought I got rid of you!’ I was able to hold them on my lap as well. It was neat to see how much they really do look alike, and what features are very different.

Unfortunately, we forgot our camera today. The nurse took a digital picture for us. We have tried to scan it in.


leah said...

How awesome and very exciting to be able to hold all three at one time. :)

Katie said...

They are precious!

beautifulsue said...


ab said...

Ellery is totally smiling in the top picture! How adorable!

Moi? said...

What little peanuts Joelee! Just beautiful! And your writing is so clear and concise regarding the various medical terminologies and amaze me! Much love and prayers today!

Disco Queen said...

Dear Mrs. Sizemore,

How are your babies doing? Are you home yet? I hope you can bring the babies to school soon.

We are learning about magnets. I like that.



TheGeerlings said...

Awww, they are so cute and teeny! I see Ellery's smile too. Precious!

Kelly and the Kiddos said...

Just got updated with your blog after not seeing it for a week. Wow--We missed a lot. Glad to here everyone is doing so well. The babies are so sweet:)

We loved the information about the names. I had a feeling the Easton name had something to do with hockey (we are very familiar since we are sooo into hockey, too--way to go Jason).

Can't wait to see you Friday. I know the kids will be excited--I'm going to keep it a surprise for them.