Friday, November 27, 2009

Take 2

The Sunday after our official family pictures it was mid 60's and sunny (in November!). It was a gorgeous day, and the kids seemed to be in good moods, so we all put our picture duds back on and went walkin' around our neighborhood. Tammi took such beautiful pictures, but I was hoping for a picture of all four kids together. Our luck was not much better than hers :( Here are the best - it is not saying much though.

Ellery, Easton, Gianna
These were the best of all four - how sad.
My handy assistant! (or baby lugger)
I knew that Tammi had taken some adorable pictures of Easton, so I didn't focus on individual pictures of him. I thought this one was cute - he and Quin are always making each other smile.

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