Friday, November 6, 2009

Candy Monster

I do believe that Halloween created a candy monster at our house - Quinners!
We have always limited her experience with candy. She likes to eat healthy food and I want to encourage that (some of her favorites right now are kiwis, any type of pepper, broccoli, bananas...). She tends to love fruit, so I have always feared that she will have an uncontrollable love of candy. Yup - I guessed right. We have limited it to one piece of candy a day, and she has done well so far. I did find several pieces of candy stashed around the living room area though :)

She cracks me up! She loved trick or treating. She was in heaven people watching, talking with our visitors and feeling like a big girl while she passed out candy. She was very polite in helping pass out candy. She always checked out the kids costumes, and often complimented them. If they did not say thank you, she would say 'your welcome...' in an attempt to get them to say thank you. I find it somewhat disturbing when I see/hear her doing things I do! :)
Jason took Quin to several of the houses around us. She was so proud of her little bag when she was finished.
The babies hung out and people watched also! They were fascinated by the steady stream of kids (We gave away close to 500 pieces of candy). Notice the gate in the far left corner? Jinx and Miya were quite bummed that they weren't allowed to meet and greet the visitors! :)
People watching sure can take it out of you! Gianna was sleeping by 6:30.

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