Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Surgery... Yet

I know, it has been forever since I have posted (I feel like it anyways...).
One look at my dining room table and you would know that it is report card time. This means a major shortage of extra time because it is all spent working to get ready for conferences. It is well worth it come Monday and Tuesday when I meet with my wonderful student's families!

A few of you have asked about Easton's eye. Jason took him yesterday to have the bump (they are still thinking that it is a dermoid cyst) on his eye checked. The doctor doesn't believe that it is growing at a fast rate, and it is not blurring his vision (in fact, his farsightedness seems to be improving - yay!). We have to go back in January to have the size of the bump reassessed. It is always the doctor's hope to not operate on babies under one year old. No matter what, we will have an appointment with the surgeon in March, since it will eventually have to be removed. I pray that the bump remains the same and we can put off the surgery until it is essential!

I have a few more things I hope to post next week! The girls have teeth, and we had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago. Here is a sneak peak - I promise more pictures as soon as conferences are over!

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